Sterndata: not.

Tesoro: Did you install “show current template”

Petric: Yes! and in the top bar it says that along with other files

Patee: Under the shop page it says: Template: archive-product.php and Template relative path: themes/YvanL****nBv5/woocommerce/archive-product.php

Romanowicz: Theme name: Yvan L****n Bv5 NOT a child theme

Erp: OK, so it’s At the bottom of the woo doc you linked it says “When creating woocommerce.php in your theme’s folder, you will be unable to override the woocommerce/archive-product.php custom template in your theme, as woocommerce.php has priority over all other template files. This is intended to prevent display issues.”

Udoh: Sounds to me that that’s your issue

Bouquet: Under the my account page: Template: page.php

Anast: Template relative path: themes/YvanL****nBv5/page.php

Lauinger: Theme name: Yvan L****n Bv5 NOT a child theme

Velazquez: Sterndata: what you mean?

Destro: Horacsio: quite frankly, I really don’t understand your problem, which is why I did not respond to your question. I did not want to get into it.

Newyear: And frankly, still don’t.

Spannbauer: I’ve used the hook method not the woocommerce.php page solution.

Sawina: OK. but I’m really tired and working on other stuff and do not have the time to dig into this

Cuzman: That’s why I did not answer your general question. You summoned me. Sorry, got no help for you right now.

Underkofler: Sterndata: ok thank you :

Skagerberg: Ipstenu: ok thank you.

Towell: No Wethern around.? :-/

Lan: Sterndata: I can have a template page for my woocommerce my account page, correct?

Ailey: Like if it was a wordpress normal page?

Zelko: Horacsio, there’s a lot of templates that you can override:

Rupke: My issue is with a woocommerce default page called my account

Etling: I think I got the answer. that page has this shortcode in it woocommerce_my_account and it goes correctly get the form-login.php. but into page.php. so I think I need to create a template and use it instead of page.php

Staves: Horacsio: what exactly are you trying to do, sir?

Tatevosian: Likely. without more information I can’t confirm, but that sounds right. You could also just use the existing template hierarchy, and use page-{slug}.php

Gobin: That’s what I’m trying to do now.

Beyea: LindsayM_: I’m trying to override the myaccount page created by woocommerce! which is getting the page.php and I don’t want that

Retterbush: Horacsio: woocommerce has pretty clear tutorials on how to override template files

Schlensker: Http://***ent/template-structure/

Hichens: Horacsio: what do you have under wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=account

Kman: Horacsio: what EXACTLY have you done?

Johanek: Have you sent endpoints?

Bald: Yes! I’ve coppied the template under the correct folder inside my theme!

Iamiceli: Horacsio: so you took the file from the templates dir. and copied in into the proper folder in your ACTIVE theme

Lupino: What do you have for those settings?

Slader: Sterndata: you shouldnt have to set and settings to override templates. Its pretty cut and dry

Creasy: You can create a “my account” page and ***ign custom template.

Salvucci: LindsayM_: yes I’ve done that.

Neuberger: Sterndata: he doesnt have to

Delphia: LindsayM_: he’s all yours.

Hazen: Because he’s confused

Kuzmin: Horacsio: all you have to do is just copy the file from one place to another. DSon’t create a new page or select a template file or anything

Blanchet: Sterndata: not surprising