Sterndata: I wanted the.

Cova: It should not bother your main CSS

Schendel: I have it running on my one site,

Stivanson: And it just intergrated just fine

Nonu: Now the thing I want to do is way outside the lines I think

Wileczek: I want to setup like for all my images

Caslin: But I cant get it done for some of them

Cernuto: They have to be in the media library

Brisk: BOGO: is it on t he same server?

Dogan: The code says this: /* Add your own MailChimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block.

Kiper: We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file.

Panke: Not sure how to interpret

Hattier: BOGO:

Omary: Put the CSS in your style.css file

Amabile: Maybe I will try to add the css to the head of the website?

Holloran: Are you working with a child theme

Jelovich: Oh, damn, I’m confused

Hromek: You’re working with CSS. It goes in a .CSS file

Scammon: Are you working with a child theme? Or does your theme have an option for “custom CSS”?

Mcguinnes: I am using a premium theme which has a builder with a field for me to insert CSS I think

Tegtmeier: NO wait, to insert code in the Head


Fornkohl: Does your theme have an option for “custom CSS”?

Sarnoff: Sterndata can I PM you?

Lejman: So things dont get lost here

Brendle: OK I seen that article today

Poon: CheckDavid: Does your theme have an option for “custom CSS”?

Nellenback: Sterndata: yes it does, maybe it should go there right?

Faulkenbury: I’ll just test sterndata.

Bellen: Sterndata, I am looking at that and it seems like I need to have another server or something

Laury: Sterndata: by the way, I am on a test website and I have automatic daily backups

Rorex: No, it’s all on the same server. Read her article carefully.

Marsiglia: Do I need to put the htaccess line in?

Bleakney: Because it looks like it redirects the main URL

Campolongo: Hm, Edwin changed, I am confused now.

Lashway: BOGO: Read the article. If you have a question, post a comment on it

Roya: Well I am reading the article

Thaller: CheckDavid: What did you add to the CSS?

Bambeck: And just a bit confused with things

Daleus: Sterndata, I uploaded the theme but I don’t see it in the themes page

Zisser: Did yo upload it over the old theme?

Verbit: I removed the old one.

Gucciardi: That was probably a mistake, but OK.

Scotton: But funnily the site still works.

Klass: What’s the URL, AbuDhar?

Porteus: Now with one more notice 😀

Jarnesky: Https://

Borlace: Http:// sterndata

Dilliner: I just threw that in there.

Talk: That’s NOT CSS, CheckDavid, it’s HTML

Mellberg: I knew the theme wasn’t updated. :/

Dilligard: CheckDavid: it’s pretty clear you have no idea what you’re doing

Wiesner: Oh jesus, i’m dumb, maybe I should open that CSS and paste that

Lefeld: What is it you want to chang.

Bliek: CheckDavid: Just stop flailng

Weigand: Delete the “custom CSS” you just put in. CheckDavid, what is the change you want?

Blatherwick: Sterndata: I wanted the form to show up just like the way I made it in teh form builder inside of the mailchimp account