Sterndata: but why.

Sleiman: Ress Address and Blog Address are stored as siteurl and home the option_name field. All you have to do is change the option_value field to the correct URL for the records with option_name=’siteurl‘ or option_name=’home‘.

Cefaratti: Thetennis: don’t do that.

Shariat: Use searchreplacedb2.php and replace with

Treto: Which you said you did, right?

Dopler: What’s your site’s new URL, thetennis

Prier: I installed interconnect and replace old to new

Nordeen: Http://

Desorbo: Be sure to delete it afterwards!

Galeana: Old

Nordeen: Hahahaha, this move has taken over 24 hours ;

Nordeen: Good luck sterndata ;

Chopra: I’m getting a page with some sort of flash thing and not seeing any wordpress

Azhocar: Opsec: would it be easier using something like backup buddy?

Nordeen: Already been down this road.

Wunderle: Are you sure you put the files in the right place?

Nordeen: I showed my nephew how to move a wordpress site, just to see if i could. he’s 13

Attal: At least I get and error on

Knoblock: Shouldn’t everything be relative to /? why does the site even need to know what domain it’s on? I’d think it should move without any changes if it was done that way

Nordeen: Because wordpress uses absolute urls in media links

Spearow: Or relative to $do***entRoot etc

Derusha: That seems like a big problem and an easy fix

Nordeen: Which only makes it more difficult

Ramirez: Sterndata: i added what you said and the site now says

Toscani: Thetennis: did you put the files in public_html/

Nordeen: They won’t fix it because they believe “absolute urls are best”

Rolfson: Why would they not change that or not have changed it years ago?

Geans: Warning: require/home/craftyin/public_html/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/craftyin/public_html/ on line 21

Hattaway: Fatal error: require: Failed opening required ‘/home/craftyin/public_html/’ include_path=’.:/usr/local/php55/pear’ in /home/craftyin/public_html/ on line 21

Nordeen: But there’s no facts to back that up.

Nordeen: It’s all opinion, i use relative as i develop, makes moving a site take about 10 seconds.

Mckillop: It’s acting like files ar emissing, thetennis

Faustini: They can generate absolute URLs on the fly, based on the relative URL

Stockwin: It would cost basically nothing

Angeletti: Can you have a bad upload

Ozburn: Opsec: how do you select to use relative rather than absolute?

Nordeen: Nesoi: it’s been addressed, wp core will not be making the that change.

Lahman: Thetennis: you certainly could

Studdard: Wp core is clearly dumb. which makes me worry about wp in general

Nordeen: Nesoi: i edit my links to relative as i’m building things

Okazaki: Where does your do***ent root point to?

Seguin: Opsec: where do you edit them?

Khim: With a cpanel site is there a way to upload as zip or rar and uncompress it server side?

Cortopassi: Nesoi: yhou have no idea what you’re talking about.

Nordeen: Nesoi: “as i’m building things”

Harsy: Sterndata: probably :

Cremer: Thetennis: I don’t use cpanel so I couldn’t tell you.

Coutcher: Sterndata: but why wouldn’t everything be relative? it doesn’t seem as if the site should know or care what domain it’s on