Sterndata: afternoon. Quick.

Adeyemo: Brb . have to take stuff out of the dryer, start tne next load, etc.

Mattsson: OK let me install it here in that time

Bramham: Sterndata: The problem is that the 302 is an error, the style_dynamic.php file is a 302 when your not logged in, and a generated stylesheet when you are logged in.

Zera: Veidit: enable wp_debug and debug logging. Does anything show up?

Lantgen: Veidit:

Giarrusso: Sterndata: Let’s see whant I can find. Just need to take care of a daughter here first, brb.

Szachewicz: Now looking over stuff I am on a VPS

Pennell: What do I set the disk to?

Flatten: BOGO: look for the settings that deal with the higher proiroty gmetrix indicators

Bonventre: BOGO: expirations times, etc.

Galper: Funny is that I can only chose certain things grrrrrrrrrr

Latini: BOGO is there a replacement for w3 total cache.

Ghaor: BOGO: change things 1 at a time and then re-score your site; don’t do m*** changes because you won’t know how what you did affects the score

Borgella: Since you’re going for scores rather than content optimization

Kulka: You can also try wp super cache or a CDN like cloudflare

Heatwole: Choose method, not madness

Miyanaga: Https://

Baver: Well, you’re not going to get sprites or be able to defer all JS parsing, so it looks like the thing to foucus on are image dimensions

Schutjer: And on the YSLOW tab, add expires headers, which W3TC does well.

Satsky: I’ve had a lots of problems with combining / minifiying js and css — things get broken

Roode: I wonder if I should take that out?

Mende: I pretty much it a default

Leblanc: Hello. Can anybody recommend me a good looking email form plugin?

Griglen: Latrina: contact form?

Yuhas: Good looking is a matter of your ability to style it

Humbel: I don’t know much of css

Oleksa: Otherwise contact form 7 is fine

Levine: Yes contact form 7 is the standard

Roeth: Just call the cl***es and style it

Mconnell: Any one here ever use gluster filesystem with WordPress while having w3 cache enabled.

Woehl: Sterndata I think I got as close as I can

Hunker: Now work on your content, because content has priority in the real world *and* the google world

Nordby: If your content doesn’t fit the likely searches, it’s all for naught.

Hopf: Yah I have the site setup as most rock stations do.

Bucey: I search them out to see what I am missing or could simpy add

Alouf: Can anyone advise some pointers to optimize:

Thronton: BOGO: think about likely search terms — think like a user, not like a site owner or dev

Bjornstrom: Disable cookies for static files on or off?

Griblin: On. disable cookies for static files

Bialik: Do you have jetpack installed?

Jefferies: BOGO: OK, if you’re already using jetpack, try enabling photon

Arva: OK but most of the images are not in the media folder

Mellors: Try it, see how/if it affects the scores you care about. If good, keep it, if not, disable it.

Zachariades: Focus on the empirical, not what you think or believe

Vinal: And everything changed

Lamoreux: Https://

Pineo: Is “Slug” a valid wordpress plugin file header?

Pineo: Sterndata, I guess it isn’t.

Tisor: Pineo: what’s the context of your question?

Gillett: Sterndata: afternoon. Quick q. Do you use an IDE for programming?