Sorry, replies supposed to.

Manny: No. I’m just reconfirming things! 😀

Toguchi: You just asked me, if I eat an apple, should I use my calculator?

Keelan: I don’t know if you need to do maths while eating an apple

Yudell: Brandis: require once is not enough for me 😀

Whalan: I had to do this:

Schlicher: I don’t know why but simply adding require_once ; brakes the website with 500 error…

Kelleher: You probably just did it wrong

Downum: Uh yes: I’m a newbie… a search and destroy homes of themes 😀

Barbati: And as far as I reemmber, locate template uses include, not require once

Davidsen: Opsec: sure it breaks 😀

Meginnis: I just tried to add require_once get_stylesheet_directory . ‘functions4woo.php’ ; and it breaks the website

Uhas: So I add that instead.

Sanchirico: By the way, functions4woo is a pretty bad file name lol

Firenze: I’d just put it inside na includes folder and name it woocommerce_functions

Lebaugh: Khu, Thanks for the help. Bye

Yenner: Does anyone know the best way to embed a woocommerce product purchase form inside a visual composer row?

Zangl: I am using minamaze theme and i cannot open it when internet is not working I want to run it on lan

Vanhouten: I cannot understand the reason

Bedlion: How are you accessing it?

Bedlion: How did you install it?

Bedlion: How did you configure it?

Vangoff: Siddharth030: Look for use of CDN’s and the like. Could be using externally hosted javascript, etc.

Bedlion: Sounds like a ##networking problem siddharth030

Arizola: Opsec:i think you are right because it doesnot opens on my computer when there is no internet too

Vangoff: I don’t think it’s a networking issue.

Bedlion: How would anyone know?

Vangoff: It’s just a badly configured or implemented theme that uses external resources.

Bedlion: How would anyone know?

Bedlion: We have no actual errors, configuration info, pastebins of any kind.

Bedlion: 1 thing is certain, wordpress doewn’t do networking.

Halpern: Opsec: how you know it’s a networking problem if “we have no facts”?

Bedlion: Lenswipee: don’t talk to me.

Bedlion: Lenswipee: you’ve already been told to use your ignore and not talk to me. please do so.

Gardiner: Opsec: i’ve been told it would be less of a headache for the ops if I ignore you, yes.

Bedlion: You’ve made an enemy of me, so no good will come from any further communication

Vangoff: Opsec: So far, you’ve not suggested he give you anything, except by being snarky about it. Not everyone knows how to ask questions.

Bedlion: It’s not my job to teach networking or teach people how to do research

Bedlion: A certain level of understanding is expected here, i’m not going to dig info out of people

Vangoff: Siddharth030: Where did you set up WP? How are you testing for a lack of internet?

Bedlion: I already know wordpress doesn’t do any networking, so i’m pretty certain it’s not wordpress

Vangoff: Opsec: then how about let someone else help them and stop being a douche?

Bedlion: Cef: i’m not the one insulting people

Bedlion: Cef: no one is stopping you, who said anyone was?

Vangoff: Siddharth030: FYI: Minamaze free uses Google Fonts ie: sourced direct from Google. May not work without a connection to the net.

Vangoff: Siddharth030: Basically the theme replies on stuff that is NOT HOSTED by the WP install, hence it’ll break if you don’t have a connection to the net. I suggest you look at a different theme that doesn’t use external resources.

Vangoff: Sorry, replies supposed to be relies above.