Sorry I wasn’t here then.

Villao: Randy53215: well, how did you put the word “search: there?

Trussell: Randy53215 think you can just hook into the nav items filter and append the get search form

Skinsacos: It was an option from the menu editor it was in the left pane, so I’m ***uming it’s a “widget”

Emma: Bahr: found an example of what i’m talking about

Rotramel: Randy53215: widgets are only in widget areas under appearance – widgets

Groom: Ill get you a screenshot

Gallipo: Whatever “search” is in your menu is not a search box. maybe you have a wordpress page named ‘search’ ?

Bahr: Bu***and: i can’t try this yet i brought it up bc jstransky sparked my memory of the question BUT i will certainly bookmark this and check it out this evening 😀 😀

Lidstone: Bahr: bookmark it. I think that way is a solid and effecient way to get the results in the back end

Bahr: And if it works, i will be fan-freakin-happy

Bahr: Funny thing is i just need it for my sanity, not actually for the proejct lmao

Sanson: Http://

Bahr: Funny when I NEED SOMETHING i have a harder time than when someone else wants it client

Haggart: On the left where it says Search Box, I added it to the navigation. From the sounds of it I’m doing it wrong lol

Oberdick: Randy53215: i have no idea what that is TBH. something put there by your theme

Trussell: Randy53215 wordpress/">

Accala: Randy53215: you might have to look in your theme docs in that case

Libby: Brb gonna look at the link fris

Walden: Appreciate the help though guys.

Trussell: Windows is installing 178 updates

Devey: Randy53215: yea. if your theme doesnt deal with it or whatever your theme has in place to deal with it isn’t working, the filter SHOULD work. but agaim./ dependent on your theme and its coding

Empey: Fris, these all have to be edited under the child theme correct?

Trussell: Randy53215 yes in your functions file

Gonalez: Gonna try it out, will get back to you all either way. Kudos

Trussell: Bu***and i only got it for searching web and discussion until i get my mac back, it was only 299$

Trussell: Updates taking a while to do

Goldtrap: Oh man. if i was gonna return it anyways i would have gotten the MBP! lol

Casacchia: Put it to a CC and its like no money lost lol

Trussell: Might be longer than 14 days return

Salb: That’s what I’m using. I love my MBP, however kind of upset they don’t make 17″ anymore. Hope Kahahane ever goes wrong. 😛

Matro: Apple is usually good about repairs in regards to being fast

Trussell: Ill find out tomorow how bad its gonna be

Filipovich: El capitan download – 6.08GB

Trussell: Just hoping i dont lose the data onn my drive, my outlook data file is 6+ years of emails

Wesley: Also I sent them my old MBP with the external battery and I didn’t even tell them my battery had issues. They fixed everything I requested and gave me a new battery with a note saying they tested it and that it needed to be replaced. Love Apple Care so far

Kimbrough: I always take my HDD out

Trussell: Filipovich unfortunately no, i just reinstalled the ssytem and only had a 1tb drive ad it was wiped after i put all the files back

Trussell: Just hoping its bad ram or something rather tha the logic board on my fusionn drive

Filipovich: I keep a 1TB external on my desk formatted as Time Machine and plugin it at least every Sunday.

Marusarz: Sorry I wasn’t here then fris, what happened to your mac?