So the ‘for sale’ work.

Odmark: Nootrope: this is a BASIC thing

Brits: Guimares: I mimicked it. I know it basic.

Homburg: Sachez, Guimares:

Sachez: You don’t want the parent theme’s version for your child theme’s CSS.

Matye: Aha, Sachez. Good tip.

Sachez: You want the last mod time. hang on

Ciminera: SO I insert a datetime number there

Sachez: Check, thought, to see if get_stylesheet_directory already ends in a slash

Sachez: I don’t think it does. nope. doesn’t

Levings: Sachez: Thanks, I shall try that.

Sachez: Sorry use filemtime, not filetime

Kupersmith: Can you guys recommend a gallery plugin that would be suitable for creating different galleries for different user cl***es ie: everyone, level1, level2, etc. with different images available to see?

Sachez: Seems to me, nesoi1, that this is something you’d have to code. switch $role { case ‘level1′ echo do_shortcode’gallery thing 1’

Sachez: I don’t imagine there’s an off the shelf one that would do that for you. but who knows?

Mcnaughton: Thanks Sachez where would you code that in WP?

Mcnaughton: In a “view gallery” page?

Schreifels: Nesoi: sounds like you need control on a per-image case AND a per gallery case

Sachez: I’d drop in in a custom page template, probably. I don’t fully know your use case

Mcnaughton: Guimares: I was thinking of creating a few galleries and just allowing access to one or more depending on who the user is

Borwig: Nesoi: but you said you wanted to also limit which pictures people see in the specific gallery, no?

Aristizabal: Nesoi: if you just want to limit what galleries what used see then you can easily get a plugin that lets you wrap content in a shortcode and set a user role to it that hides everything inside. inside that you can have your gallery shortcode

Popescu: Anyone have experience writing plugin for multisites?

Mcnaughton: It’s for a website for my father’s artwork. I want to show a rotating selection to the general public, then have another selection for curators or gallery owners, and finally a gallery of every image

Mcnaughton: Guimares: which plugin would I get that lets me wrap content in a shortcode?

Colecchi: Nesoi: why not just make all of those pages public? Why would you want to hide the public from seeing the “gallery owner” gallery?

Sachez: I’d make ALL of those public and put them on different pages

Rusich: Nesoi: you’re seriously over thinking

Mesenbrink: Sachez: thats what iw as getting at

Belchior: No need to hide them at all.

Sachez: Never know who might want to buy what. don’t hide stuff from people.

Mcnaughton: Guimares: we don’t want everyone to see every image all the time, and some of the images are of work that is in poor condition etc.

Westrup: Nesoi: that makes no sense.

Mcnaughton: Anyway that’s what we’ve been advised to do and I am trying to understand how to do it!

Paules: Nesoi: 1 why would oyu show photos of poor condition work to galleries?

Svehla: Nesoi: 2 if you’re going to show it to a gallery, you might as well make it public

Sachez: You can use a user role plugin and the member plugin to show/hide pages, too.

Sachez: Rather than getting into the nitty gritty of coding

Mcnaughton: Right, the poor condition work would only be visible to specific people in the “all” collection

Utter: 3 you can just put them on separate pages but the ones you don’t want the public to necessarily see just dont link to that page from anywhere

Mcnaughton: Then there’s some work which is for sale and some which isnb’t

Delmonico: Nesoi: you’re REALLY not thinking this through.

Mcnaughton: So the ‘for sale’ work should be on a separate page