So thats why its not even.

Daubert: A theme file if that makes sense ?

Llewlyn: Oh … OK. I’m relieved now : Never ever change core files. anyhow … do you have FTP access?

Llewlyn: Do you have access to cpanel or any other kind of client menu of your web host?

Trimis: No, i was just adding a few plug ins for someone

Spann: And was trying to get the slider code into the header so i could have a slider header :.

Tivar: And now that happened lol

Llewlyn: Then ask that person to access his server and either give you credentials for a ftp access or he should rename the theme folder under wp-content/themes/

Kobialka: So there is no way for me to fix it ?

Munez: With just wp admin credentials ?

Hasas: Any suggestions to simplifying the backend of WP and WooC? I have been using other CRMs in the past that were WAY more simple in the backend. Seems like WP is only userfriendly to the end-user and not the authors.

Vogeler: Anyone using woocommerce and the members plugin?

Holderness: Hi how to solve 404 problem, i’ve made 404 template. Then when I enter url which doesn’t exist I get white screen of death.

Hinojos: What might cause that. I enable debug, all error reporting and get still same white screen of death

Jeng: Defoe: then you probably havae a PHP error in your 404.php file

Jeng: Did you also enable the debug log?

Crick: Defoe:

Morra: I know I did this according to steps

Jeng: Did you enable debug logging?

Jeng: Ok, see your “yep” nm

Gorin: Http://

Jeng: Line 17 – missing semicolon

Jeng: Oh, nm, didn’t scroll

Llewlyn: Shouldn’t it be get_vc_content’853′; with single quotes?

Burck: My debug config:

Skora: Llewlyn, no it identifies that is int

Horrocks: Php actually is flexible with datatypes

Swearengen: And it works like that in other templates

Llewlyn: Sure you saved the file in the right format? utf-8?

Jeng: I’m not seeing anything syntactically wrong.

Belancer: Llewlyn, not sure about that

Jeng: Everything else OK on the site?

Llewlyn: Neither do I … could it be the file was saved with Byte order mark BOM?

Quant: Well now its utf–8 for sure

Llewlyn: Error could also be in header or footer, if it occurs on existing pages

Markos: Thats the existing link:, thats non existing link:

Llewlyn: Existing link doesn’t load here either

Jeng: You’re seeing Halcom in wp-content/debug.log?

Jeng: Is the file even created?

Llewlyn: Oh, OK. now the front page loaded. It would be nice to warn people about explicit content though :

Wohlers: On debug i get only notices

Jeng: My cat is absolutely shocked!

Barager: Which are from plugins

Boitel: Well on my host it loads, maybe you have child security on or something 😀

Rupley: Llewlyn, well its regular stuff for me.

Jeng: Well, time for big hammer debugging. start by commenting out all the PHP and then uncomment stuff one line at a time until you find it.

Vann: Jeng, P.S. Its a multisite setup

Jeng: Defoe: if it’s a PHP error this method, clumsy as it is, will track it down.

Llewlyn: Are you sure you are editing the right file? sometimes people save their template in the folder of another theme and wonder, why it comes out so differently

Goering: Well, on dev tools on chrome I get 200 OK

Sartore: So thats why its not even doing anything