So Abe shows his.

Marola: So I think problem with contact form 7 on my end

Mahusay: Is wpdb mysql/mysqli/pdo based

Huneycutt: I have a question regarding custom roles for custom post types

Mckellan: When I call add_role and p*** in an array of caps, the custom ones don’t work

Tempelton: But when I call add_cap the role it works

Desatnik: Is it just that you’re not supposed to include custom caps in the array you p*** to add_role ?

Clore: When a user attempts to retrieve a lost p***word they are sent an email with a link to reset their p***word. But when they click that link, an error pops up saying that the key has expired and they are unable to reset their p***word. Has anyone encountered this issue or know a possible solution?

Barley: I’m setting up my search results page index.php but I’m trying to only show a small text from each result.

Mckeen: Why are you using index.php for search results?

Suozzo: Because this show to use it

Hamar: I’m using page.php for all my pages.

Sagoes: No this shows to use search.php

Flom: Wow, I completely looked over that. Thanks Kenshino

Goya: And if you only want a small text, either cut off the text length yourself using php or use the_excerpt

Spinello: If I use the text_excerpt won’t my user have to custom write shorter text for that?

Ardolino: You can check if it has excerpt – display that if it has, else, get the content and shorten it

Closs: Hey guys how do i make my search function include authors and dates

Closs: Https://

Pellerin: Search results to show authors and dates you mean?

Shoumaker: Or search form to include fields to search by author and dates

Closs: Search results to show authors and dates

Britcher: You don’t need pre_get_posts for that. just use the_author and the_date in your search results markup

Closs: Input type=”text” cl***=”form-control” value=”?php echo wp_specialchars$s, 1; ?” name=”s” id=”s” /

Dome: No. look at search.php

Costantini: Creason using search.php for my results did not work.

Ovall: After customizing the search.php page I went to my site and typed in a word I know is on my site and it returned a blank result.

Closs: Creason, are you talking about ?php if have_posts : while have_posts : the_post; ?

Nicastro: Maddtech: and how did you customise it?

Walsh: I create the search.php and use the standard have_posts:whilehave_posts:the_post and then added styling to the page.

Dotts: Can you put in some text to see if search.php is loaded

Cheek: I added a page title of Search Results and it’s not loading it.

Hinchliff: Where is your search.php located

Barbo: So I updated a site to WP 4.3 and I’m having some troubles with a woocommerce. I looked at the plugin in the wp repository and there are 10 votes saying broken

Tortorice: The root of my theme folder.

Wayde: Isn’t there a plugin that shows what template is loaded for each page?

Ota: But in looking at the 4.3 changelog, it doesn’t look like they deprecated any functions. any ideas on what stuff has changed?

Flander: Do you have a parent theme?

Saidi: Maddtech look at the body cl***

Callister: Creason I am having permissions issues. I can’t access WooCommerce Settings

Choquette: No. This theme does not require another theme. error404 is loading. Kenshino

Linsley: What’s the ROR equivallent of “FORGE” that still works today/

Closs: Im trying to have it where you click on the authors link and it shows authors post in alphabetical order

Closs: So Abe shows his first