Sky_-_ » there’s a.

Gordner: Hi everyone. It’s one of the times that I need to work with admin-ajax.php file and I hate it :P.I have a plugin which calculate the cost of a product by calling the admin-ajax.php

Stublaski: However, I have 4-5 times in the network tab on console a canceled status on the admin-ajax.php and the a 200 with the response

Engelhart: Is there any way to find the reason behind it?

Taschereau: Can anyone answer why the cropping upon product upload totally ignores me?

Tysseling: I’ve just even tried to set it to like 20×20 just to see if it worked and I get the same every time, big ugly crops where half the photo is missing.

Cheers: Gonna throw my laptop out the window in a second

Rossetto: Yeah thats a good point lol

Crisp: In a theme for a simple lightbox what lib are you using? : just curious

Crisp: I like the one from Lokesh Dhakar ==

Crisp: Is there a way to prevent

Crisp: So I can grab immediatly the SRC

Regulus: Crisp: Depending on the php version, you can add 0 directly after the function call

Lounds: Then you can use the function call as an array if it indeed returns an array.

Crisp: WP theme almost done for my 1pager but this time I would like to spend some more attention to performance. Currently: 93 request – 2.9MB – 1.56s loadtime — local

Cartagena: Crisp, how often does the content of your 1pager changes ?

Crisp: Maybe a small change as a little text change or a logo somewhere that’s it.

Gantnier: Not to be an *** but just being curious, why wordpress then ?

Crisp: This theme will be used for multiple sites with the same setup

Crisp: WordPress makes it easy to manage it

Crisp: Let users add an image themeselve etc

Pilant: Okay, makes sense, when I read 1pager I think about a quite static website, I was wrong , sounds cool.

Crisp: It’s for real estate projects

Crisp: Hneitir have you ever used html minfied versions on wp sites

Schuchard: Nope, does this really reduces the size of a website ?

Knoll: It does. Just not noticably in my opinion ;P

Crisp: Biggest issue aremy large images

Ingvolostad: There are tons of ways to reduce “full screen” imagery

Peteuil: Yup, optimize images, then let the webserver optimize output with cache / gzip

Crisp: They are already reduced

Reano: So what are the dimensions and ~sizes?

Crisp: 1440 × 810 on 662 KB

Mitchelle: That is on the heavy side though, I usually end up with ~500 kb for 1080p images ;o

Crisp: 300 × 169F ile size16.1 KB

Crisp: But this means 3 x 600KB every time the page is being loaded

Gidden: Technically you could have them be around 200 KB and use a filter to make them look crispier than what they are, but again if there’s 3 in total that’d mean a site pageload of about 1.5 MB and that to be honest isn’t much to “optimize”

Crisp: Total page load is 2.8

Plotzker: Images are cached though so it’d mean 3 x 600 KB first load, not every load

Sookram: Unless you refresh without cache that’d mean 600×3 ;p

Baruffa: Hello , am news at wordpress and am facing a problem with my nav menu. how to remove my nav menu from Mobile UI

Crovo: Remove it? Why would you want to remove the menu?

Chernosky: DRSK, because it looks rediculess

Crisp: DRSK after a refresh from the cached version: only 316KB

Wantland: Sky_-_ » that’s styling though ;p

Humeniuk: Crisp » yeah some resources aren’t cached for obvious reasons :

Riedmayer: Sky_-_ » there’s a function but I wouldn’t rely on it heavily called wp_is_mobile afaik