Skinux: am I the only.

Carnevale: I have filter types A and B. A selection in both is required to reveal C

Carnevale: A selection in C will reveal D

Carnevale: So I have separate ajax/php queries set up depending on where a selection was made

Carnevale: Ie. I’m not updating the entire filter area everytime anything is clicked

Carnevale: But, I am updating the results in all cases

Lerman: Carnevale: yea thats not helping me. Show code, or some type of mockup, etc

Carnevale: Lol k. Sorry about that

Carnevale: Bottom line is if I want to update both areas in one “success” call, I have p*** extra POST data only to be used to determine which subroutine to call and how to format the response

Witts: Carnevale: how does that feel clunky?

Duchon: Carnevale: honestly I can’t really say because i am still not entirely sure what you’re doing

Carnevale: Yah I can understand that. I consider providing a better visual.

Carney: Is no on breave enough to help me!? :

Sachez: Carney: you didn’t post any code. What’s anyone to do?

Carney: Oh. Well ****. My bad :

Feola: Carney: Please help us keep Bertman a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Carney: Did I get kicked for foul language? :/

Carney: Maybe everyone’s on lunch?

Ronan: Sad to say I don’t have any suggestions for your problem, but yeah, everyone’s probably afk for now. Just keep trying! There are lots of clever, helpful folks in here. :

Triska: This is an international channel.

Gilfillan: True knowledge and wisdom can only be imparted on another by correct action, strict observation and diligent practice.

Miklos: Opsec, that.or via google

Reichmann: SeriousMatters: Ehhhh, afk enough not to have said anything until 10 minutes later! 😛

Gilfillan: Dcr: google yer butt.

Anable: What DOESN’T work in IE?

Grabarczyk: Http://

Anable: I see the link. I asked “what doesn’t work”.

Anable: Hang on while I fire up a VM

Ladesma: It is not working here in my IE on win 10

Potucek: Edge from MS works fine

Anable: With edge, it just sits a “loading” . checking something

Anable: Oops. didn’t enable audio in the VM

Anable: I think my VM is messed up. sorry, can’t help now

Oldakowski: It does not run on edge? just says loading?

Anable: Just says “loading”, but the whole audio thing is messed up in my VM so I don’t know if it’s how you put the audio file there or if it’s my VM

Anable: Auto-starting audio is EVIL, BOGO

Unavailable: It is supposed to be HTML5

Anable: Are you using the native WP audio tag or a plugin?

Anable: Worderplugin? See for support

Comings: If I were to develop a theme which would hard-code a horizontal image scroller “home” page, would I place the necessary JS directly into the “home” template, or would I need to write a plugin that would use wp_enqueue_script inside of an if-check to make sure “home” is the page being loaded?

Siedlecki: Anable I will contact them

Anable: Skinux: it would be better to enqueue the js file — easier to change later, better for optimization by minfication/combination plugines

Basila: What hook would I use to connect the function containing the conditional to page loads?

Anable: You put in in your enqneue function. if is_front_page {

Anable: If is_front_page { enqueue the script }

Cruse: Also, do WP release notes do***ents tell all of the function/variable/hook changes/deprecations that take place between versions?

Anable: See the example on

Anable: Skinux: am I the only person here with access to Google?