Site is showing for me now.

Pavelich: AbuDhar: Do you have WP_DEBUG enabled?

Moyse: CheckDavid: Well, since you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s probably not going to happen.

Giacherio: What specific changes do you want? First one.

Okonski: The first one, is the background, I want it to match.

Pluemer: AbuDhar: those are just notices. ignore them.

Duffer: Hehehe that’s not what a developer should say sterndata xD

Stalberger: AbuDhar: we’re done. You’re wasting my time

Micco: But, that’s not really my main concern, my real concern is that when someone clicks submit they don’t get a success message.

Zar: That’s something wrong with your form or the Javascript. Use the plugin; I know that works.

Frost: And I don’t think that is related to CSS, may be some javascript conflict with my theme or something

Decatur: You mean that specific plugin by MailMunch?

Moeck: Where did you upload the files?

Szklarski: Inside /themes? Not in its own directory?

Rennemeyer: What’s your URL again, AbuDhar?

Cilano: Wp-cli what the hell is that?

Ngueyn: BOGO: did you google it?

Melle: Sterndata: lol that’s mine

Seemann: Http:// sterndata

Maletta: Yeah, I found the right tab.

Mcmurdo: Also cant do the other query either

Blette: So wp-content/themes/circle

Saggio: CheckDavid: MailChimp Forms by MailMunch –

Fabela: What does the .p command do exactly?

Jurist: For Lava Help, see

Donnerberg: Sterndata I think I got it done, I think

Imme: Sterndata: that plugin is not really by mailchimp, did you really mean that one in specfiic?

Rago: AbuDhar: so if you go to APPEARANCE – THEMES, Circles doesn’t show up at all?

Neyaci: Sterndata, it’s not there.

Sigers: I’m using the 2014 theme and it shows all posts in succession. Is there a way to only have the most recent post show? I’m trying to live-preview 2015 theme but it’s taking forever to load

Patao: Tried to reupload the old Circles theme but that doesn’t show up either

Haggstrom: Let me try to log off and on again

Cotterell: I am going to remove the update because it gives me more errors than before.

Borsellino: AbuDhar: WRT the warnings — as those are from your theme, I suggest you contact the theme’s author

Pinnock: And if you give me one of those a-hold “developer” answers I will click “ignore” on your nick.

Gundrum: You are so negative sterndata 😀

Marze: Sterndata: thanks, I will test that mailchimp plugin by mailmunch as soon as I can

Corpe: Sterndata, dude went back to the old theme. suddenly all errors are gone hahahahaha :d

Okon: All notices and warnings are gone 😀 yeeeees 😀

Narimatsu: CheckDavid: there are several, so if that doesn’t work, google “wordpress mailchimp plugin”

Gerlock: Now something else is wrong lol

Lighty: AbuDhar: I’m seeing 2015 as your theme now

Leaming: Sterndata the article did not work

Muffett: Yeah 😀 I don’t know why it went back to that. I will contact the author and ask him to fix those problems 😀

Knuteson: Post a comment on the article, BOGO. Ipstenu will probably respond.

Dea: Sterndata: you recommend google over the wordpress plugin directory search function?

Usman: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by output started at /var/www/ in /var/www/ on line 1207

Gerpheide: Site is showing for me now wiuth the theme, AbuDhar