Self-do***enting, as it.

Onstead: Wienert: i’m tired of seeing you in pain, pm me.

Prinzivalli: I agree with that statement, but your opinon as to whether or not its werird I want to let people download a newsletter in digital form doesnt have anything to do with it

Barroso: I’m not doing a digital solution for them, they aked me to do specific things. you dont have to feel sad for anyone

Marcet: Jack_: it does when you can architect your data in a better and more effcient way

Sienkiewicz: Which is what is trying to be felt out there

Topete: Macdaddy, it’s all good

Smoley: No need to strain your brain

Hesson: And since you were very ***ue as to what the data was and how its being presented, we had to poke and prod at you until you gave it to us

Maletta: It’s very very simple – link a picture to a pdf

Eddleman: Lol Jack_ . this is hardly strained

Schoelman: Thats not that crazy of an idea

Bried: Jack_: then have at it. good luck!

Jiggetts: Jack_: but the fact is. we USUALLY tend to try to direct people to the RIGHT way of doing things. Like i said, anything is possible in WP and there are a number of ways to achieve the same thing. there’s always one that is better than another though.

Dinora: ExACTLY why I am here

Henkle: Jack_: so how do we figure out which is the BEST way? Well, sir, its by feeling out information like this.

Monks: Jack_: its the basics and core of web development, which is data architecture.

Wienert: I’ll have to get the styling correct, but you really helped. thanks.

Brociner: This is the thing – my background is in data architecture – informaiton systems and UI to b exact

Caira: We dont have to have the discussion

Schuh: Jack_: i’m sure it is.

Hazelett: ANd i apprecaite the effort

Dallesandro: You can be more than sure

Pasanen: But this isnt one of those things

Orofino: It’s about a client aksing me to link a mother ****ing newlsetter to an image that has text on it

Falkenthal: Jack_: Please help us keep Beyal a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Accurso: Jack_: if you worked in that field and cant see WHY those questions are important to giving you an answer. then I dont even know what to say

Schuller: We are unable to open our webpage

Manvelyan: Guest25434: in what way? what happens?

Manvelyan: Sorry, Schuller in what way? what happens?

Schuller: wordpress">Https://

Klapperich: Wienert: So 1 thing you didnt do was reset the loop. The other thing was your code specifically for the image. I’m not sure about it as it’s a “types” thing and I dont use types. 3. you are opening php tags with ? instead of ?php which you should not do. 4. WTF is with ?=

Baum: Looks like things haven’t changed in the wodpress channel – thanks opsec for giving it a shot

Manvelyan: Schuller: what happens when you try to open your web page? What does “open” mean/

Paganini: Manvelyan: thanks as well for your 2 cents

Schuller: This is website

Schuller: Oops the page cannot open

Onstead: Jack_: maybe i can help you later, i just don’t have much of a clue as to how you envision what you want to have happen.

Manvelyan: It’s a 404. OK, but it seems to be hosted on We can’t support that here.

Manvelyan: Schuller: you need to work with support on that.

Wienert: Hussey, short tags are on. Why do you hate short tags? and ?= is short tag shorthand for ?php echo

Manvelyan: Wienert: ?php echo is much clearer….

Schuller: You are providers for wordpress, I dont see any details

Manvelyan: Self-do***enting, as it woere