Seems there are a lot of.

Genera: I’ll watch later, thx i’m currently watching Zedd live stream 😛

Chanel: I can’t remember if it was free or not though, might require a tutsplus subscription :

Genera: It does say subscribe to view :O

Genera: Hmm i think i should use Trellis & Sage on my next project. it sounds nice

Symeon: Well, I believe bedrock pretty much does what they teach there how to do manually

Genera: Hemrich, yes but i don’t have a web server installed on my windows :

Chieves: Trellis or homestead ,

Zurita: I’ve heard homestead doesn’t work very well on windows though

Genera: So Trellis + Bedrock : instead of stage

Voeks: So you want sage as well

Wykle: Bedrock basically just gives a better wordpress project structure and gives the ability to use composer

Cavicchi: Not to mention you can have one configuration file for both development and production

Genera: Well the site will be deployed by FTP i think :

Genera: My client will use his current host that is OLD SCHOOL as f***!

Sosby: Remember there is a minimum requirement for wordpress to work

Genera: Well i think they use 5.4 or at least 5.5

Jakovac: That’s fine but 5.6 is recommended ;

Genera: Ya : i hope they use 5.6

Genera: I knew it, they use FTP :/

Stalnaker: does have ssh

Zanayed: There’s Edwin wrong in deploying by FTP.

Genera: Gapen, it’s old as ****

Grothaus: Zyxep: Please help us keep Franzmann a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Worchester: It’s also stable and reliable and it works for average joe who’s not tech savvy

Aristizabal: Gapen: It’s also extremely slow :

Genera: But then they should use or something :

Fedak: It’s not slow if it’s configured right/you aren’t using an overloaded shared host

Heistand: I like to stream zipping while uploading/downloading

Quillan: Gapen: FTP has to go through all files, and the more small files there are, the longer it’ll take. Then it has to upload/download them one at a time after having traversed through the structure.

Uhrig: All reliant on your FTP client

Cape: So don’t accidently download a sessions folder files based with 500 000+ files. that’ll take days

Fiddler: Gapen: Which client do you use? PhpStorm and Filezilla are equivalently slow

Parramore: FileZilla and phpStorm ;

Brandstrom: PhpStorm only uses sftp though

Augspurger: But FileZilla works perfectly fine, just tell it to do multiple files

Most: Old things doesn’t mean bad things

Monter: I have my own scripts for when I need to upload 5k+ files :

Shiu: I can’t stand waiting more than just a few seconds

Arkadie: IF you really want to, FTP up a zip file, and there are many mechanisms to unzip

Toor: If you’re waiting for files to be uploaded, that’s weird, you should have many other things to do :

Schlemmer: Yes, uploading a zip file to FTP works unless the host blocks php functions to unzip 😛

Virrey: Then that becomes a discussion between good hosts and bad

Brunetto: Yeah, at that point we usually recommend the client to switch

Fannon: In any case, FTP is fine. SFTP is great.

Bedrosian: Btw, is it just me or do people generally leave backups of all files zipped + database dumps in the public_html folder? Everytime I take over an old project I see this. the first thing I do is move them away.

Hammon: Must be the previous developers.

Evitts: Good programmers don’t

Carthew: Seems there are a lot of bad programmers out there then 😛