Script is not the way to.

Carney: It did Sachez. In fact, in the process of implmentation but I generally like to understand what I’m coding and how it will ultimately effct the operating production environment.

Sachez: At some point, you’ve got to try this stuff.

Gilfillan: That’s what they tell you at first

Gilfillan: Then you wind up in an alley with no pants and no memory

Sachez: Soylent green is devs!

Gilfillan: No, it’s people coming in here calling themselves “devs” after 2 weeks with wp ;

Gilfillan: The real devs are smart enough to avoid the soylent machine

Gilfillan: Http://

Revoir: I had icecream for breakfast today. hashtag i dont give a fugk

Gilfillan: Waffle with ice cream and fruits on top

Gilfillan: There’s a waffle here called “the full farm”

Gilfillan: It’s got bacon, eggs, basil, goat cheese.

Gilfillan: I think sundried tomatoes too

Sachez: Isn’t Basil Goatcheese your pr0n name?

Wallett: Wafflepress comes with php

Gilfillan: Yes, only in jolly old eng-a-lund though

Ullum: Opsec: nope. straight up icecream cone with sprinkles

Gilfillan: Nice, can’t beat sprinkles. unless you’re gordon ramsays dead dwarf doppleganger.

Sachez: Https://

Gilfillan: Badgers will get you every time.

Gilfillan: Http://****-double-found-dead-badger-set/

Villescaz: Opsec: dude. I can never get enough sprinkles. If I could I would dip my icecream cone back into the sprinkle bin every time it’s empty

Gilfillan: I used to eat the sprinkles right from the jar when i was little

Gilfillan: My mom always wondered what happened to her baking supplies

Piskel: Opsec: i still do that.

Fitzgibbon: Opsec: well, I havent in a while, but I had done it as recently as this year lol

Gilfillan: Well, as an adult, it’s your right to buy a jar of chocolate sprinkles and “drink” the whole bottle.

Gilfillan: It’s a rite of p***age.

Gilfillan: You can’t say you’re an adult until you’ve done it

Metos: Opsec: haha you have no idea how often I had taken advantage of the “you can eat condiments as snacks” rule as an adult lol

Bisso: The first day my parents let me walk home from school by myself with no one home I got home and went right for the sprinkles LOL

Gilfillan: It’s my take on the “all american mexican micro meal”

Gilfillan: I did used to eat a lot of mustard packs as a kid. i like mustard

Gilfillan: I wonder if turtles go well with mustard? . i’ll have to ask the “i like turtles” kid.

Richesin: Its “i like tuddos” haha

Castells: What’s WOrdpress inactivity deactivation time period?

Bramhall: Free account getting expired due to inactivity

Mckie: Kuran: this isn’t a support room for accounts.

Parkers: What is this room for

Engl: Kuran: self hosted custom wordpress installs

Barras: Kuran: For support with your blog or site hosted on, please see

Bonenfant: Can’t seem to be able to add jquery in the “Space before /head” text field of my theme, it just outputs the code as text

Sachez: Perseus0: are you enqueuing a file? How are you putting the code there?

Piatek: Opsec: *facepalm* forgot that, thanks!

Gilfillan: Perseus0: it’s also the wrong way ;

Ainsley: What’s the right way, then 😛

Gilfillan: Script is not the way to handle things in wp really. put the code in a file, enqueue it properly