Scavotto: When I arrived on.

Bays: Jeng: ubuntu 12.04, set this up like 2 years ago just never used it. not sure if its a default or I messed something up and forgot about it.

Jeng: Jiilly:

Jeng: Alex_______: multisite or “regular”?

Stower: As fas as I know regular

Jeng: When you look at the user you’re logged in as, is that use an “administrator”?

Jeng: Alex_______: ? I have things to do other than sit here and wait for you to reply

Lokan: Alex_______: you don’t have an admin account.

Bee: Alex_______: might I recommend you / your company hire a WordPress consultant to help you get back on your feet and in control of your stuff for you?

Debrie: Alex_______: otherwise, if you are going to try to do it yourself and use the community as support to work it out, I would recommend that you use this room which is meant to be a method for real-time communication to use it as such and respond to questions and answers to your question in a timely manner. Minutes between posts on here is not really acceptable and makes it difficult and almost impossible to pr

Jave: Trying to get custom field “Department” with get_metadata, my results include these: department = Array 0 = 1723 _department = Array 0 = field_53ec25130ad61

Lisonbee: I was hoping for what I see in the text field, like “English”. Any idea what I should do with those numbers?

Mitchan: Rounds: how did you create your field and did you look in your database to see if the meta field is being stored there properly first?

Niewiadomski: Rounds: you’re failing to mention that you’re using something like advanced custom fields or whatever jargon is obfuscating your meta

Berber: Yeah, Advanced Custom Fields

Woolems: Rounds: PLEASE lead with that type of info. always

Esshaki: Someone else made this portion, and I’m converting from an ACF text field to a taxonomy

Hanenberger: Yes, it goes to a taxonomy

Cherny: Yet another reason why that plugin is uh. just. unfortunate

Merkwan: Jphase_: the current ACF field, which is a text box, sends it to a taxonomy?

Maximo: Lol, yeah tax terms are puked out from that plugin all over the place

Pearle: And you have to do a relational query to grab it custom like that

Cosier: Rounds: If you’re moving from a basic text field to a taxonomy, DONT USE ACF for it

Beuth: Rounds: just register a custom taxonomy the WordPress-y way using register_taxonomy and ***ign it to the CPT you want it to show up for

Quinchia: I might have some code from before I gutted ACF from one of my work sites – I’ll try to see

Rinaldis: ACF is what I’m trying to get away from. When I came to the project, it was an ACF text field.

Dekok: Rounds: SOOOOO much easier

Billiel: Scavotto: that’s exactly what I”m moving TOWARD, trying to sal***e the data that has already been entered into ACF

Mclaughlin: Rounds: so just do register_taxonomy and put your custom post type in the args for it. its VERY simple to do

Sova: Yeah, I gutted my work sites from ACF when I started – I feel ya – I’ll try to dig for a sample of that query but you should really write a CLI script to migrate that meta

Arabie: Rounds:

Perrenoud: Rounds: this means that your “taxonomy” input area in your CPT edit screen will NOT be a custom field. It will just be a basic taxonomy meta bxo

Darsey: Scavotto: Yes, already done; but now I’m trying to transition the values that have already been entered into ACF to the appropriate things in my proper taxonomy

Sprankle: Rounds: you’re trying to get the value of everywhere the ‘department” text field was entered and save them all as terms in your tax

Franckowiak: Rounds: thats probably a terrible idea because any slight typos are going to result in duplicate entries for that term.

Mcgoon: Scavotto: When I arrived on the project, there was an ACF “taxonomy” text field. It needs to be a normal taxonomy, which I’ve made; but there are already 500+ posts created using the ACF taxonomy, and I”m hoping to streamline that taxonomy term they are ***igned