Scavotto: if i recall, it.

Commendatore: The last one is quite catchy, even if you don’t know the language

Iadarola: Rounds: you can output defaults and if nav menu is empty show defaults else display what the user created

Wickline: Jiron: I learned to speak swedish when I was really young. I have since forgotten it ALL since I never ued it ever

Nolie: Hiya folks, I’m having trouble saving the Location value for a specific Advanced Custom Field group. I’m trying to change template from default to somerthing else, but it just reverts back to default after i hit update. any ideas? :

Chesla: Scavotto: Sounds about right. Where can I read more?

Iles: Rounds: umm you’re probably going to have to work out that logic yourself

Eaglen: Someone help me understand the orderby docs

Christmas: HowardwLo: You dumped a LOT of info on us that feels VERY disconnected. Can you clarify

Wagenblast: I need to do an orderby on this query. specifically I have posts with a custom field that contains the date of an event

Lokan: Breadmonster: go ahead

Corpening: Bero: what format is your date stored?

Lanzafame: Bero: ordering by date with that format is going to be near impossibnle if you want them chronological

Sandidge: I have a Advanced Custom Field group that is suppose to be ***igned to a template. I moved wordpress installs recently, I’m just going through putting in the right settings.

Frisina: Reading the docs, it shouldn’t matter should it? You can compare them as dates, not just ints

Mowris: HowardwLo: I have tried the orderby “DATE” but it never really felt like it was working well and having YYYY-MM-DD is better storage anyways. You can reformat anytime you display

Senior: Bero: like i said. comparing as DATES never worked as expected for me.

Tavernier: MySQL does date comparison in a manner that expects ISO formatted dates yyyy-mm-dd

Furtick: Can someone help with with the social media links in the header and footer

Briggerman: HowardwLo: moving a WP install shouldnt change your cusotm field values

Pytel: Atoem: what is the problem with them?

Melot: For the locations setting under my ACF group, i normally have it at page template equals “subscription page”. after the migrate, everythign was set back to default template. For all the other ACF groups, redoing the settings saved fine, but for this particular ACF group, it wouldn’t move away from default template

Imbesi: Scavotto: i just did an export and import, i dont know why but it did :/

Scroggie: HowardwLo: i would try to fix up your migration because that should NOT work

Hanek: HowardwLo: you shouldnt just do an export. YOu should do a full migration

Cottingham: Scavotto: ok so if you did YYYYMMDD how would you compare them? just ‘meta_value_num’?

Trogstad: HowardwLo:

Utter: I want to change them but site crash then

Schehl: Atoem: what error do you get? How are you changing them?

Vigiano: Even if i do same small

Vansicklin: Scavotto: i wish i could, but it’s out of my control and everyone else is too invested in what we already did

Sperl: But I did do YYYY-MM-DD not YYYYMMDD

Staiano: No error , just no content white page

Purrington: HowardwLo: that makes no sense at all

Shariat: Atoem: then turn on WP_DEBUG and make sure that your server is not surpressing errors

Ledley: Atoem: a white page means there is an error but its not showing it to you

Droege: Scavotto: surprised it strips out the hyphens like that

Malaney: Is there anywhere in the docs that describes objects? e.g. how a “nav-menu object” or “sidebar-object” is structured?

Schonfeld: What strips out the hyphens?

Budzynski: Scavotto: if i recall, it was a complicated merge done by some previous folks, and parts of what we moved from are lost