Scarpato: it’s up to you to.

Pellin: Shudon: ok. lets tackle the first thing first. and that is “How to put a PHP form on a Page in WP” right?

Easker: But now i’m beginning to understand why this was their first inclination

Ditti: Scavotto: what’s a PHP form?

Reiniger: Shudon: its a form that processes data with php

Rufino: Shudon: do you have ANY background in programming at all?

Ellen: Shudon: that is not an answer. but i’m going to ***ume NO.

Donat: Shudon: in that case, find a form plugin that does what you want it to do. there. Done

Barbaza: Lol **** off Scavotto :

Larimer: Shudon: Please help us keep Vache a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Sharifi: Shudon: Ninja Forms –

Levens: I need to create a form of payment and send data via post to a php file, in this file, a bookstore own payment platform that is who makes the interlink is instantiated. I created this product: and clicking on any plan sends a form, but do not submit any data sent me.

Liesveld: Hansel: do you already have your code written that processes the data, you’re just having a hard time figuring out how to hook it up?

Lokhmatov: For anyone else listening: a “PHP form” is not a thing, don’t listen to LindsayMac

Moschetti: Hansel: and would you bother considering an ecommerce platform?

Pavlas: Shudon: wtf are you talking about.

Wildeman: Scavotto: you don’t know what you’re talking about

Jeng: Shudon: what is it you’re trying to do?

Bollis: I do not get accurate data to send via post.

Jeng: Scavotto: It’s not entirely clear top me what he wants to do or what :/ means

Stachurski: Hansel: i’m sorry but I’m having a hard time understanding where you are in the process/ where you are stuck . Are you able to actually trigger some function when you click the button? Maybe sharing your code will help

Kate: Jeng: shouldnt matter at this point

Ungerleider: I have not seen another platform because the client had already hired that

Gorsky: Jeng: i understand the reason to ask “not how but what” but i’m interested in this for general reasons: is there any way in wordpress for a post to dynamically parameterize its content? “what’ i’m trying to do at the moment is prevent our wordpress guys from creating 6 wordpress posts each with a single line different between them :

Poff: Jeng: dude is CLEARLY disrespectful. but whatevs. carry on

Jeng: Shudon: how do they differ from post to post?

Sovel: Hansel: if tou setup an ecommerce platform this would be done relatively easily.

Gervasi: Scavotto: you dissed first

Canto: Hansel: something like woocommerce

Witte: Jeng: it’ll just be an image or a line of text

Jeng: Shudon: based on what? How is this image/line determined?

Warmbrodt: Jeng: suffice it to say: minor differences in markup, and i just want to know if there’s a way for a wordpress post to dynamically change its content on the server side

Scarpato: Can anyone recommend a contact plugin that is always positioned at the bottom corner and that enlarges when clicked?

Jeng: Yes, but if you don’t answer my questions, I cannot help

Ruger: Jeng: in this case i would like it to be based on some request parameters, either in the querystring or POST body

Jeng: Are end users POSTing? In a regular page/post, you could drop in a shortcode that fronts code to determine what to output based on the conditions in which it finds itself.

Hardridge: Jeng: thanks : i’ll check out wordpress shortcodes, then.

Jeng: Otherwise, where are these GET params coming from, shudon

Rollow: Shudon:

Riviere: Jeng: this sounds like what i want. thank you :

Jeng: Scarpato: it’s up to you to determine where the form appears, not the plugin!