Sam___: Please attempt to.

Papen: The client only cares whether it did go well, they don’t care what you do in between

Shamily: Sure it will usually be fine

Passaro: But when it isn’t the can be serious consequences

Mcdearmont: Up to and including bankruptcy

Mars: Nesoi: automated deployment means managing deployment infrastructure. it’s new, it’s hard to find people with experience, it’s time spent

Bibel: Mars: that’s why simple is good

Mars: I mean i’m not arguing at all that it’s not good tech – there are just solid reasons why it is not everywhere instantly

Tosta: I am so so glad now my media files and the like dont want to upload anymore now

Wale: Hahaha. Just so you get it – I’m not against anything. And my firm has properly dev / staging / production servers. We use various methods to sync the db, there is just no good universal way that makes it easy now. We have proper versioning controls etc etc

Paguin: And even then I wouldn’t say my standard is the ‘professional’ one

Defore: The web is ever changing, but developers of software like WordPress has got BC to think about. And this is going to be present in every issue you find with WP. If we move on, half the sites on the internet are left broken or unprotected.

Schaetzle: So don’t expect it to take up the latest ‘breaking change’

Mars: WP is in an interesting place too compared to a lot of web apps

Fennern: Whether it is your development work flow or just some fancy front end technique

Pantera: Supporting relative URLs wouldn’t break anyting if you still support absolute

Galbraith: I’m old btw. I remember a day before version control

Reye: WP powers 60+% of the CMS market. One must consider all factors

Mars: Like, let’s say you’re a company that has a web app that is what your company’s about

Mars: Building infrastructure is a nobrainer

Sichler: Free free to look into the various tickets on relative URLs. And chime in if you insist it won’t break anything

Mars: Let’s say you build fences out of wood and have a WP site

Mars: You are probably using an agency to manage your site

Mars: You probably bounce around agencies, but you’re not a tech company to manage your site infrastructure yourself

Mars: The agency model is a huge challenge for advanced deployment stuff – you end up with agencies kind of managing 500 sites in 37 different platforms, or sharing control of things, etc etc

Yantz: Mars WP is in an interesting place too compared to a lot of web apps — what is that suppose to mean exactly?

Rieben: Mars: that’s exactly when you need everything to be automated. if it’s automated, the knowledge is in the scripts. otherwise it’s in some docs somewhere or in some employee’s head

Orlando: Ok, well I hope I didn’t annoy anyone. I will still probably come back here and ask dumb newbie questions :_

Falls: I have a large scale production background, but as a manager, and I’m using WP for some small personal projects at the moment

Defusco: I love so much that my media directory is all messed up

Ollie: Opsec: Google result for gallery factory –

Stinemetz: Opsec I am so so *****ed

Nordeen: Keep crying, need moar fyool.


Yaggi: The dam CDN crap did not work

Brohl: Anyone have any experience intergrating woocommerce into a cordova app?

Calderaro: Whan I try to go wordpress deshbourd, I have a messages P**** error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/rsc49170/public_html/wp-content/themes/customizr/inc/admin/cl***-fire-admin_init.php on line 352

Bleser: Can someone help me please

Morioka: Sam___: Please attempt to disable all plugins, and use one of the default Twenty* themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.