Sachez: yeah, I’d rather.

Sachez: Then you’re a waste of time

Sachez: Horacsio: would that be this page?***word/

Tschoepe: Sachez well ok i do try to finish if there are problems

Tschoepe: But anyways i gotta go too

Catron: Sachez: that and the new p***word page.

Sachez: Horacsio: so on that page, what would you like different?

Carney: Any thoughts on how to keep postmeta key unique so a post can only have 1 of a certain custom key.?

Hamper: The save button get lower

Sachez: The form has a cl*** of lost_reset_p***word”

Sachez: So .lost_reset_p***word .button { something }

Sachez: The page itself has a body cl*** of woocommerce-lost-p***word

Sachez: There’s no need to muck with the template

Bibler: Sachez if I do that both pages button will behave equally

Sachez: I know you said you got it, but I’d already looked it up. :-

Sachez: What’s the other page?

Sachez: Find it on, plz, Horacsio

Verbeck: Https://***word/?key=jCIVGpETAHynwe9OWnBD&login=horacsio

Mcnaughton: Hm. jetpack wants me to connect to which I’d rather not do

Henington: I think I have to play with value Save

Sachez: Horacsio: OK, I’ll grant you that!

Mcnaughton: Because it’s a dependency. If it has to phone home to work, and if that site is down, then my site won’t work possibly

Sachez: Horacsio: yeah, there are no cl*** differences

Mcnaughton: Also, I don’t know what data they are extracting

Sachez: Nesoi: in the years I’ve been using iit, wordpress has almnost never been down

Skillicorn: Sachez: it’s the new p***word page.

Kizewski: Where does wordpress store its permalink settings? Is it in the DB or in a file somewhere?

Sachez: Horacsio: but the cl***es on the page don’t differ enough to have the top margin for save be different from “reset p***word”.

Sachez: Nesoi: if you look at the jetpack docs, you can see exacly what they’re doing

Sachez: And you are being foolish.

Sachez: Horacsio: OK, so now I understand your original question.

Mcnaughton: When I added to gallery, the thumbnails are all squares and the images are cropped. Is there a way to have the thumbnails be sized but not cropped?

Sachez: I think that template works by just dropping “save” or “reset p***word” into the button’s value. You’re going to have to modify the form itself, I think.

Sachez: Or live with them being the same distance from the fields above.

Sachez: Unless there’s some hook

Sachez: Nesoi: for the purposes of our test, try Jetpack. Or not.

Stayner: Sachez: so there’s no way to refer to the button value which changes depending the page?

Sachez: Nesoi:***-to-wordpresscom

Sachez: Horacsio: via jQuery, yes.

Sachez: But that’s another can of worms

Pattum: With jquery I can add a cl*** if button value is A or B?

Sachez: Horacsio: with jquery you can modify the markup, but don’t ask me how to do that. I’m a jQuery copy/paste *****.

Sachez: I have some javscript that modifies CSS on the fly if you want to take a look at it.

Sachez: But I don’t think it’s particularly applicable here.

Sachez: I’m off to see what might be for dinner

Sachez: That was a short discussion. it’s half-price wine night at the Greek place down the block.

Mcnaughton: Sachez: yeah, I’d rather not send that data to wordpress. but anyway, what’s the reason for the carousel? I can’t actually use a carousel. Or is it to add description data or something?