Sachez, I’m thinking of.

Guisbert: Eg: $name = userpro_profile_data’.’;S

Zachariades: Just making sure I don’t loose my name!

Sorman: Guys I have a question. I have created a child theme. Now, will the modification for another something.css file that is part of the theme itself need to be made to the child theme css?

Ganas: Or does this child theme style.css refer to the actual style.css from the parent theme?

Flanigan: I guess the second since I have imported the parent theme style.css

Kacic: Uhm, I am trying to learn the basic. sorry for the stupid question

Hescock: No such thing as a stupid question =

Sachez: Latrina: if you used the import method, only your changes need appear in your style.css file below the import line

Sachez: It can get tricky if your parent theme uses multiple CSS files

Wolter: Hi. Does anyone have a Blackberry? I made a couple of small sites for someone, but they’re complaining that when they visit the sites Blackberry’s browser crashes. They also say they can’t scroll the pages with their ACER machine. I can’t reproduce the problem on Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox. Can anyone check?

Nassif: So for each style sheets I need to create its own child style sheet ?

Stalnaker: Blackberry? Whats that?

Dovalina: The other URL is

Sachez: Latrina: not necessarily. that’s the tricky part. Put your stuff in your child theme’s style.css file and see how it goes.

Sachez: Zadruga:

Hinderaker: Justingreer: good call. Maybe I just get rid of that

Eafford: Just for now and then have them retest

Allaband: Hi I need to setup cl***ifieds website, with social ability, users should have ability to rate, any plugins? Buddypress I guess is good for registration and custom fields and profiles and don’t know what to do with ability to publish cl***ifieds

Kendall: There must be a function for rating ads and profiles

Mukhtar: Justingreer: Thank you. I see now that no favicons were set on either site. I just overlooked it

Alattar: NP. When working to solve BB issues, even the littlest thing could stop the earth from spinning.

Fitzwater: Okay, I’m going mad with this. I’m dumping the rewrite rules array, and the very last entry is “.?.+?/0-9+?/?$”. However, using Monkeyman Rewrite ****yzer, that rule is consistently showing up as having precedence over my custom author taxonomy rewrite rule. Any idea why?

Raridon: Yeah, that would make sense. It’s pretty catch-all. This godawful theme I’ve inherited is full of really pesky traps like the suite of nonsensical rewrite rules it’s added.

Sachez: Juslintek: did you see this? first hit on a google search seems to have all you want***ifieds-plugin/

Chudzinski: Sachez well rating module is excluded from free options, and its a lot per module when you can buy complete plugin from themeforest with all those features.

Sachez: Juslintek: one ***umes you’re monetizing the site — and you’re unwilling to invest in a paid plugin? If you can’t make enough to cover the cost of the plugin, what future is there for your site?

Dence: Justingreer: I could use this theme as a case example in “How Not To WordPress“. Srsly, the only comments in the entire thing are in this one function dealing with transients, and I still don’t know what that code does, because all the comments are really weak jazz-reference jokes. I honestly want to mouthpunch this agency’s entire dev team.

Harpool: So far I’ve ripped out ~30k lines of code from it. :/

Risenhoover: Sachez, its free ads only.

Kuerbitz: I don’t know first just want customers, I will give the project to marketing company to create a user base.

Vari: Dang. At that point I would be thinking about recoded instead of refractor

Biles: Sachez, I’m thinking of buying this one: wordpress/6463373">