Sachez: I did put.

Kocian: Shogun_:

Jewell: I skimmed over that but it seemed like overkill to me cause all of our other nginx setupspointing at other frameworks are very simple. I suppose I am wrong in thinking that?

Sachez: Dunno. I don’t use nginx

Leno: It isn’t overkill, it just looks it; you’re looking at 3 files basically

Donahoo: Ok. I’ll read it more closely. thanks

Sanantonio: This is my conf for each wp website in sites-available

Nielson: Https://

Ferringer: Hey guys. I’m having trouble getting WP to create a directory in the uploads directory for me during my custom plugin installation process: wp_mkdir_pjoinDS, arraywp_upload_dir’basedir’, ‘podcasts’;

Bacigalupi: Shogun:

Gude: Anna: thanks. it looks like you have a couple includes though. may I ask whats going on in those?

Edrington: Note this line: fastcgi_p*** unix:/var/run/php-fpm/php-fpm.sock;

Fell: Don’t use a TCP socket, it’s slower than a Unix socket

Winkel: I run centos7 btw, and that does matter

Gilfillan: If you run centos, there’s no such concept as “sites_available”

Gilfillan: That’s a deb/ubu thing.

Gilfillan: I’ve run centos for 12-13 years.

Opie: So you’re telling me i can’t make sites-available and sites-enabled in /etc/nginx and then add include sites-enabled/*; to the bottom of /etc/nginx/nginx.conf and then symlink?

Essig: Well, you’re wrong; because i am :

Salos: I am running 2 dozen websites precisely that way right now

Gilfillan: You *can* make those files or dirs called “sites-enabled” they not a centos concept though

Benjamine: Guys I need a little help with the footer of my website. I would like to make the footer scaling vertically instead of horizontally

Behrman: Would something like “fastcgi_p***” be valid?

Deslaurier: Yes like, home, chi siamo , etc to fall one after another

Novacek: Yes but it’s bad practice and you need to have a TCP socket in nginx _AND_ php-fpm

Sachez: Oh, you want the menu to go vertical

Huppenbauer: Display:block instead of display:inline-block ?

Losh: I am looking through the css but I have no idea how to change it

Calvaresi: Sorry didn’t know there was a #nginx

Colop: Opsec: is there a kb shortcut for save/publish? or a plugin to enable one?

Gilfillan: Every loves one stop shopping, except none of the experts will be in all of these places

Rowzee: Google * discussion channel where * is thing you need halps with

Sachez: Latrina: #footer-horizontal-menu ul li { display:block; }

Pent: There’s a few plugins, none show tested with 4.3.1 though

Gilfillan: Anna: there may be a kb shortcut

Gilfillan: I’ve seen shortcuts, i never use them though

Gilfillan: I could see how a nice save shortcut could be handy

Athan: Latrina: this is very bad practice but you may wish to use #footer-horizontal-menu ul li { display:block!important; } note that !important sits directly after block with no space between the two

Marschel: Are you using a child theme?

Gerych: No no, it is the tessrac theme

Rott: I found it on youtube

Keiter: Latrina: Simple Custom CSS –

Gilfillan: Sachez: how’d you get that off my desktop!?!?

Sachez: Latrina: use that to add “custom CSS”

Sachez: Opsec: your mom gave it to me

Pittsenbarger: Sachez: I did put #footer-horizontal-menu ul li { display:block; } in style.css but it did not make any difference. probably I am doing it wrong