Ryannnnn: Google result for.

Oeftger: I would love to go back

Lokan: I think it’s Q200 a day now.

Lokan: First time i went it was Q35

Regnier: Hi guys. I apologize in advance if I have this wrong I am new here. I seem to be bumping into some sort of bug on the WordPress.org plugins svn. Where would one report this?

Jeng: Uploading your plugin?

Quaker: Rynaldo: What kind bug ?

Jeng: Rynaldo: no PM please. talk to Jiron, he’s the guy!

Koroma: I’m the man *does his fez impersonation*

Yeats: New season in like 10 days !

Omtiveros: Looking at other plugins for downloading. the screenshots to be specific. when clicked to view large, as I understand, they should open up. instead, they download. chrome 45.0.2454.85 m

Joganic: Rynaldo: That’s a plugin author thing, the author has to set the correct data type on screenshots for them to not download

Tevlin: Https://make.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/2014/03/20/plugin-screenshots-downloading/

Pearson: Jiron. Thanks so much. Still learning.

Muddiman: It’s a fun one, the screeenshot one =

Hupman: Not very obvious at all so everyone gets bitten by it at least once or.for every plugin because you forget.I forget 😛

Showman: Donofrioatwork: there’s something wrong with your server setup – it should try curl, then streams, then fsock to complete that request – it sounds like it’s failing on all 3

Showman: Whoops, chat was scrolled way up – nevermind if you already got help with that lol

Salvature: Showman: “Pages” in WordPress are innocuous. There are the proper terms for each: WordPress pages those are made in the dashboard under add new page Site Pages those are whatever exists on the front end of your site but have no WordPress Page such as archive pages, the 404, etc. and Page Templates php files you can apply to a WordPress page

Jeng: Why “innocuous”? That means “not harmful or offensive.” True, but why is that word used? Showman, clorith

Showman: Jeng: it was a copy/paste job on my part – didn’t write it

Jeng: How about “Pages in WordPress is not necessarily an exact term. To be most clear, WordPress pages those are made in the dashboard under add new page. Site Pages are those are whatever exists on the front end of your site but have no WordPress Page such as archive pages, the 404, etc.. Custom Page Templates are php files you can use to apply formatting, etc. to a WordPress page.

Floerke: The whole pages command is terrible imho

Vermeesch: It’s too involved a term for stock replies because it changes with most use cases

Muni: Hi everyone– WP/jQuery question here. I have a date field, when I echo the post meta it is returning as yymmdd i.e. 20160914

Lascody: Jiron: it doesnt change though. Its simply about telling people to specify whether they’re talking about pages created in WP and if so, call them WP Pages

Cautillo: I didn’t take that from that text at all .

Showman: Ryannnnn: what’s your question?

Fritzgerald: Jiron: “Pages in WP are innocuous. There are proper terms for each.”

Fette: That didnt give it away

Gigger: The client wants it to return as Sept. 14 instead. Does anyone have any links or relevant reading for me? I’ve been googling but I get a million irrelevant search results.

Matey: Keep in mind me, like a majority of the world, do not speak english as a first language though =

Spena: As such complicated terms should be avoided when possible in favor of more common terms

Kalal: Well then it can be rewritten in whatever way but THAT is the purpose. also, this IS an english chat room which is constantly being repeated in here

Boot: Pages are not complicated terms.

Coalter: English room, but that doesn’t mean everyone speaks it as a dfirst language which means a langauge barrier should be take ninto account =

Dauteuil: Ryannnnn: Google result for php date – http://php.net/manual/en/function.date.php