Rudeboy: yup. also you.

Caliendo: Bu***and: I’m just making a pasteOFcode quick to demonstrate what I’m trying to achieve

Riviere: Rudeboy: you can’t achieve or really test it without multi-select though.

Veles: Bu***and:

Kagimoto: Bu***and: So if a user selects the “ALL Events” option, it must return all the music, wedding and retreat functions in the chosen location

Glaude: Rudeboy: ok. so that is your problem.

Bowser: Option value=”music,wedding,retreat”ALL Events/option

Winningham: You should change your value from your comma separated list to simple ‘all’ and deal with ‘all’ as a param in your query

Cavallo: Bu***and: And if I need to return “wedding” and “retreat”, without “music”?

Steininger: If$_GET’post_type’ == ‘all’ $query_arg = array ‘wedding’, ‘retreat’, ‘music’ ; }

Meehl: Rudeboy: OR. if the post types change regularly you can simply query the regitered post types and return a list

Mathenia: Rudeboy: then your new WP_Query ‘post_type’ = $query_args ;

Brester: That is pseudo code . brain is blocked on how WP_Query actually gets it’s args for post type

Costello: But you catch my drift.

Quoss: Rudeboy: you have to p*** multiple post types as an array anyways, so just build the array in the back end when the ‘all’ param is p***ed for the ‘post_type’ arg

Precythe: Rudeboy: also, you don’t have to http_build_query

Nealen: Rudeboy: just do a normal query args array like in the docs

Spika: Rudeboy:***_Reference/WP_Query

Yankee: Bu***and: Making so much more sense! I need to save your messages, then read over them again a few times. But I catch what you’re saying, and it’s getting a lot clearer! Thanks so much, I appreciate it HEAPS!

Noey: Rudeboy: good luck. this is not actually that difficult. You’re making it way harder than it has to be

Lengyel: Bu***and: I tend to do that ha ha. Sometimes this stuff just goes way over my head. But you’ve really cleared it up a lot for me now. I need to head out unfortunately, but will come back fresh and tackle it with the info you’ve given me. Thanks so much again, you’re a lifesaver :

Lottie: Rudeboy: good luck. Glad things were clarified for you

Remenaric: Rudeboy: try this

Dunkerley: Oh man forgot. no .tell

Shinners: Oh well. maybe he will see it

Ovsanik: Bu***and: make a custom field and set the “new crop” image as that field. then in your query do if!empty$myCustomField{ display the custom field image } else { display default thumbnail }

Myricks: Bu***and sorry thats what you said earlier

Olecki: I am struggling with $mycustomfield, How do I get it? using the_meta?

Hang: Momo_:

Natcher: Bu***and: Hey: I’m back, saw your previous message. Just having a look quick

Backen: Momo_: Google result for get custom field value from WordPress post –

Gantz: Arg. ignore that last one

Manna: Momo_:

Tisdel: Bu***and: Oh wow, it’s working! Awesomeness, thanks so much! 😀

Senseney: Bu***and: Woot woot! :

Toy: Rudeboy: you’re welcome.

Demetro: Rudeboy: logic is the key. The stuff p***ed in the URL don’t have to actually mean ANYTHING at all. you can always create a definition for those values after the fact.

Monger: Rudeboy: sometimes it’s safer too to do that.

Baldivia: Bu***and: Ha ha I see that: I was going about it the complete wrong way! You really saved the day. that even rhymes

Bhullar: Bu***and: I’m so stoked. I can even incorporate a bunch of other query magic now which I previously had no idea how to do :

Gauna: Rudeboy: yup. also you MIGHT want to consider using pre_get_posts instead of an entirely NEW query on an archives.php page