Rudeboy: otherwise how.

Kafer: As compared to the single post page

Rudisail: Bu***and: The dropdown is on the frontpage, it runs when the user clicks on search.?

Ahrenholz: Yes, but thumbnail only 150×150. This image can’t be cropped to that size. So I created one that does work

Vanscoik: Momo_: is this “bad crop” a unique instance? Or do you think it will continue to happen?

Thao: Unique instance, we are setting image standards in place after this

Cragan: Rudeboy: more info. tell me what the goal of this is.

Edenholm: Rudeboy: you want to let people select a category before they p*** their search query via the default WP search form?

Fichter: Although for curiousitys sake, let us revisit the ‘continue to happen’ instance. for my own learning

Vories: Filipovich: Thanks for your help today! :

Filipovich: Finnjaturtle: is it working?

Venible: Momo_: make a custom field and set the “new crop” image as that field. then in your query do if!empty$myCustomField{ display the custom field image } else { display default thumbnail }

Henriksen: Filipovich: Yes. I was actually able to login by manually typing in wp-login.php, which got me to the Admin Dashboard, from which I could change the permalinks settings.

Loyack: Momo_: basically the “consistently needs attention” issue would just require you make a better UI for the user to set the “crop version” of the image as well as the featured image

Bartl: Filipovich: But fiddling around with .htaccess was a helpful exercise.

Featheringham: Bu***and: I have a bunch of CPT’s first dropdown and a taxonomy second dropdown. When a user select a CPT events – first dropdown, and a location second dropdown, it must show those events in that location

Tonic: Rudeboy: so it is just those two? There is no plain text search field?

Lenfest: Bu***and: No, only options in the two SELECT dropdowns

Marley: Rudeboy: and the “search” gets triggered when the user hits a submit button and the page is routed to some search results page? ie: there is a page refresh

Bumbray: Bu***and should I put a link to the image in the value field?

Pitsch: Bu***and: Yes, it then goes to the archive.php page

Schonberger: Momo_: i mean, it depends on how big of a UI you want to make for this

Mella: Rudeboy: and the archive.php shows a list of posts based on those custom queries

Southam: At the moment, Its just for this post, I will go back and make adjustments to accomodate bad crops later

Thrift: Momo_: then yes. just put the URL to the image in the value field

Kotara: Momo_: if you are using the custom fields metabox that WP gives you

Coral: Rudeboy: gimme one second .

Carmicle: Bu***and: Cool. Thanks so much for the help so far, I really appreciate it

Shenkle: Rudeboy: so your drop downs are “multi-select” then? multiple values for one field?

Pharmer: Bu***and: They’re single select at the moment. For multiple, would I not so something like option value=”test,test2″ ?

Bellazer: Rudeboy: wait. i thought the entire issue was that it wasn’t dealing well with multiple parameters?

Gilbreath: Bu***and: Yes, that’s correct

Dejarnette: Bu***and: If I do option value=”test”, then it works. But if I do option value=”test,test2″, then it doesn’t

Moor: Rudeboy: multiple arguements or paramaters? like”post”+”media”&loc=”USA”


Hodd: Where post_type and loc are your arguements and “post” and “USA” are the parameters of the arguement

Yamashiro: Bu***and: like”post”+”media”&loc=”USA”

Meua: Bu***and: So multiple CPT’s in one query

Mahula: Rudeboy: that would mean that your post_type drop down would be a multiple-select drop down

Scarber: Rudeboy: otherwise how else are you getting multiple values from one field?