Rubyronin: are you familiar.

Woehrle: This is true. Though I doubt the twentyfourteen theme will be updated

Blassingame: Or do they generally update old themes?

Coufal: In that case I am not sure

Dunmead: But still you should follow the conventions

Lofaso: Oh, well. It’s a good idea to follow good practice

Howle: Anyone here who can help me ?

Mondell: I’ve installed a plugin to show feeds from facbook but I am not able to find in the admin panel which page is responsible to create homepage how do I insert this plugin’s function into homepage in code side

Siebold: I’m uploading and setting as featured thumb one picture from an external resource by a own AJAX call, but after done that if i reload the the page, Update button appears grayed out and I cannot modify the post, not sure what is going on?

Kierzewski: Can anyone explain why for loop is causing an error?

Cayson: Https://

Huerto: Hey, i am maintaining a website which uses tinymce, any thought on it :P?, like if the plugin is good or whatever

Panelli: Tiny MCE is included, no need for a plugin

Gillett: Anyone had any success in getting logs out of ithemes security plugin. Supposed to be in /uploads but the dir is empty and the database entries are too hard to read manually

Huerto: I am trying to make sense out of my brother website

Huerto: Panelli: the “themes” menu is not there. in this website i am talking about

Panelli: Are you logged in as admin?

Panelli: It could be the theme has a function that disabled the menu. check your theme’s functions.php

Huerto: It uses “Menu Editor” plugin and hides/creates/modifies the menus we got access to, but even inside it, the theme menu does not show as hidden

Panelli: You could start by deactivating that menu editor plugin

Bawany: Can anyone explain why for loop is causing an error?

Rockenbach: Https://

Huerto: I am trying to achieve something like this, , the gallery with one important image and some little ones down

Huerto: Oh, have no idea how to do so, if with the wordpress gallery defaults, html, a plugin, php, or what.

Boyens: Rubyronin » you can’t have a foreach like that just inside a cl*** it doesn’t make sense.

Terrance: Huerto » that’s likely one featured image then a gallery.

Jeannoel: As the featured image isn’t included in the gallery

Ober: DRSK: do you see what I’m trying to do?

Zoda: Rubyronin » no, I don’t.

Jonke: DRSK: I’m using wp_get_sites, to get a list of all the sites on my wp multisite, then I want to get blog details on each and stuff it into array, then I want to make that array an endpoint on wp-api

Matsushita: You still can’t have a foreach in the cl*** like that, it does not make any sense

Mcdaneld: Rubyronin: the problem is that your foreach loop is in the Cl*** context. You need to put it inside a method

Veshedsky: Foreach wp_get_sites as $site $blogs = $site’blog_id’; or something

Mamon: Rubyronin: cl*** yourCl*** { function{} function{} foreach{} }

Esche: Rubyronin: that will fail because the foreach loop is in the wrong context. It’s on the same level as your functions. The functions will execute once called, but when would the foreach be executed?

Sherr: Honestly, you might want to learn a thing or two about the language of which you’re trying to code before coding with it.

Mulling: I’m not familiar with php. I agree

Bassham: Or you can take it upon yourself to hack your way though stuff you have no idea how it works or what you’re doing and hope Edwin goes wrong, ;p

Panelli: Yes! That’s my method! Luv it.

Gemmel: Rubyronin: are you familiar with object oriented programming?