Rounds: you can also get.

Angela: I’ve got a wordpress site behind a reverse proxy, there are places where it’s using http://ip_addr to access files instead of https://hostname proxy is not over ssl. I was able to take care of a LOT of the issues by defining WP_SITEURL in my wp-config.php

Kondracki: Hi! I’ve made a small plugin that adds an action to ‘publish_{post_type}’. Basically, I open up a new post and paste a vimeo-url into the post body and press publish, and the action fetches the title from the vimeo url and sets the post title to that

Chiodi: Rontill: its probably some smooth scrolling javascript they included in the theme

Jeng: Rontill: agreeing with LindsayMac

Brading: It works fine, but the “nice” URLs doesn’t get generated and I only get a numeric ID since the post did not have a title prior to the action. Is there a way to update the link to an auto-generated one in the publish_{post_type} action?

Schoenbeck: Scavotto: can I disable that without breaking the site? sterndata

Neiss: Rontill: yea. they tool over the normal scroll bar that comes with the browser and added their own

Jeng: Rontill: is it a theme option?

Witzel: Rontill: seems to be called “Nice Scroll”

Preslipsky: Rontill: i would recommend pulling that part out of the theme as a whole. Overriding the main scroller bar is just a bad idea overall for usability

Bowl: Jeng : it doesnt seem to be a theme option

Jeng: Is “nice scroll” a plugin?

Orbeck: Jeng: its part of the theme

Stalling: Where can i this ?php if$wl_theme_options’phone’ !=”?

Kakimoto: No, i havent installed a plugin for scrolling

Overbey: Rontill: youre going to have to pull it out. In the theme find the call to the nice scroll javascript and remove it. That will likely break things and you will have to tweak some CSS to make scrolling work again

Lucian: Rontill: such is the life of using a theme. You have to decide that you either like ALL of the theme and dont want to touch it OR you commit to doing some deeper refactoring

Kraszewski: Yes, thats what i hate about WP. or webdesign in general

Acors: All the themes are great, until they arent

Curra: Rontill: has Halcom to do with WP or Web Design

Warburton: So how do I avoid this in the future? create my own css files?

Humber: Rontill: thats only because you’re buying bulk themes and dont know what theme devs to look for. The best sites will always be the custom made ones because theyre custom. Tweaking them and adjusting them after the fact would be much easier because they’re made by one dev for one purpose yours

Book: Rontill: like i said. you pick a theme that you don’t want to change a lot of. you find a theme dev who you like and is fast with support. or you hire a dev to make you a custom site

Younis: Anyone know where to find the location setting for ACF groups in the database?

Vehrs: I’m tripping on some terminology: what is the thing that “register_nav_menu” registers, and what is the thing I’m ***igning when I select a location for what I create in Appearance – Menus?

Scorca: Scavotto: any suggestions on theme devs?

Jeng: Rounds: it sets a name slug for a menu.

Hannem: Jeng: I guess I’m confused about when code is referring to a menu, and when referring to a menu location. Seems like register is talking about locations

Agor: I’m trying to use wp_update_nav_menu_item and it requires a menu id; I know the location, but how do I get the id?

Jeng: Create a menu in appearance – menus

Delong: Opsec: Simply Show IDs –

Henrichsen: I want to hook into permalink while changing posts

Colden: Anybody can help me with that?

Handzel: I mean while saving posts

Miro: I want to hook into permalink while saving or publishing posts

Vence: Rounds: you can also get the id dynamically by the name you ***igned it with get_term_by