Rounds: COuldn’t you just.

Goodwill: Jiron: WHAT?! That is NOT terrible! THATS A CL***IC

Galven: This is going ot be a cl***ic:

Guidetti: The header media links


Sowders: Scavotto: That song was :

Monigold: Atoem: What about them ?

Sorenson: Jiron: clearly you dont know ;

Boissonnault: Jiron: you arent from the US are you?

Leupold: So I can add custom items to a menu using a filter, IF the menu is not on “auto”. How can I create, then add a custom menu to a menu area via functions.php?

Balcazar: Scavotto: I don’t want it to be public.

Lokan: Breadmonster: i spent 2 hours trying to help someone in pm “install it locally” last week. he thought it would be “easy”

Sahagun: Jiron: that was the pinnacle of the 90s or early 2000s in the US.

Kaull: The info is in header.php and wpml-config.xml but i forget some thing i guess

Zahorchak: Jiron: its really good. you just have to get “used” to the music as a whole. Also I sent you a live one so you didnt have to watch a commercial :

Sharrai: Jiron: and that song you sent me. meh. cant BOUNCE with it lol

Movlin: Opsec: It was pretty easy on Windows o.O there’s something called WAMP.

Silquero: If i change same thing the site crash

Slonecker: Scavotto: Interesting.

Coiner: I’ve tried on every other channel and like I don’t know where else to go :

Ouellette: Atoem: i’m sorry but I’m confused as to what the problem is

Lokan: Breadmonster: i have fedora 22 on this computer and have 10 wordpress instances installed and accessible. i used yum install httpd php-* mariadb

Gulisano: Breadmonster: go to something you know.

Licht: Atoem: no. keep it in the room

Trecroci: Rounds: Not quite sure I understand what you are trying to do here, you mention filters, and then creating a custom menu, what are you trying to achieve in the end ?

Vreeken: I want to change the media links want make extra one

Babbitt: Scavotto: It’s a bit party-y, I also like this:

Showe: So i change header.php and wpml-config.xml

Kisling: Atoem: which links? The ones in the while bar?

Kazeck: Jiron: The filters reference was from a previous discussion with Jeng. I want to automate the creation of a pretty static menu in my theme so it doesn’t need to be hand-created with the same values every time someone uses the theme.

Strieter: Atoem: what does wpml-config.xml have to do with this?

Teichrow: Http://’

Pollacco: Rounds: just inject the values directly into the DB as you would when the menu actually saves

Greenhouse: Rounds: That sounds like a terrible user experience for the site owners though =/

Shaddix: Well media links do use it

Daltorio: Atoem: i know the site. I’m asking WHICH links on that site

Stuckmeyer: Atoem: You mean the little icon links at the top?

Nocella: Jiron: The site has multiple menus; one is the regularly, editable, always different one; the other is sort of a meta-menu that has relatively static content

Martinetto: Atoem: what are you calling “media links” please clarify ?

Mway: Rounds: then why make it a WP_NAV_MENU?

Lundholm: Jiron: yea this music is totally not my style LOL

Sorokin: Its very swedish of you though

Molinski: Scavotto: Because it might need to be changed; I just need to set up sensible defaults

Magitt: Or some type of norwegian

Birnbaum: Rounds: COuldn’t you just output the li items at that point, it would surely be better than creating function calls that serve no purpose =