Rest_api_init wasn’t firing.

Savaria: And the table prefix?

Novik: Yes, I see the table prefixes when I list tables.

Savaria: Does it match what’s in your wp-config.php?

Gabl: Opsec: Well the database name, user and p***word are correct. Is there supposed to be an option for table prefixes? The prefixed have been changed by the designer, but I don’t see where anything else needs to be changed

Hochhalter: Opsec: I’ll just a look at the wp-config.php. Is that an optional setting?

Calrk: Opsec: Back in a bit. I need to import the database again. Thanks

Stuessy: Opsec: That was it. Thanks a lot for your help

Postlewait: So, is this room for people who develop or use wordpress?

Cazenave: What do you mean by “use” WordPress?

Vondracek: It’s for stuff, not if that’s what you meant :

Faille: Let me check the diffrence

Raziano: Self-hosted vs. not basically. So that said, users of self-hosted WordPress as well as developers linger in here ;p

Luciano: Oh, cool. you can get a free host. now i know that.

Arriaza: Alright guys. Anyone know how to set the price to display the range on a variant product, rather than the product just being blank?

Stookey: Well, selfhost ftw tho.

Henricksen: CMFDesign » If you set a lower price on an attribute of said product $200 and another price on another attribute $400 which is higher you should get $200-$400, is that what you meant?

Hotton: DRSK: Yeah, instead I get nothing

Lovaglio: It’s built in, I’d check your template and see so it isn’t outdated vs. the WooCommerce/Templates one

Villemarette: DRSK: – See here

Texeira: DRSK, got any good tutorials on making a theme?, i’m working on a twitch stream site, and it’s a hazzle to work with the template.

Malkasian: I have very big problem someone help me please

Konzal: Please describe us your problem

Dowsett: I just want to add video play button png on featured image and this video play button only visible when the featured image share on facebook

Shisler: Please any one help me.if i have not solved this issue i lost my job

Abelson: You can do this by using og meta

Hiraoka: Sorry i can not use og meta.

Brookhart: Look at og:image

Mistretta: Then how do you want to do it ?

Forand: You need to generate new image with video play button icon and you will need url of that image and need to put this image in og:image

Privette: We can direct you to the way but can not walk with you

Rubner: Ohh.but i need help.please

Oberer: Look at avinash

Phanthauong: You can also give a try to wordpress SEO plugins

Sorzano: But i have already try that thing

Andrino: I just want to play button show on featured image

Duross: As i told you, you need to create new image with play button

Schoborg: And need to p*** that in og:image

Nghiem: No.this is not possible if i am using this thing my website look like bad.

Nooman: Guys a quick favour please?

Mcnee: Http://www.maltandb*** – click here, do you see the ubuntu landing page or the actual website saying ‘awesome new site coming soon’ with logo?

Remedies: I know its not wordpress I am just asking someone to check for me as I see the ubuntu page but have a feeling its stupid caching.

Whiby: Ahh damn, might need to stop and start apache server

Fairall: Aspock: Still on the REST API :

Fairall: Rest_api_init wasn’t firing when I thought it should have been. I’m almost there with it!