Redis requires backend.

Jeng: Momo_: so there must be a catch or twist

Jeng: Momo_: wp_query to get the posts, set a loop, then the_post_thumbnail, the permalink, the title, the excerpt

Brackenbury: Is there a way to create a second “Pages” tab in the WordPress admin interface, like a second archive for the ordinary wordpress ‘page’ post type?

Lokan: Gina89: what would be the point of that?

Pelto: I’m having a few courses on my site which I’ve created as normal pages and child pages, but I’d like to separate them from the About Me, Contact etc. pages

Barjenbruch: Well. Im heading home for the night. See you guys on later

Lokan: Gina89: make a post type called “courses”

Dimaria: Opsec, but then that will be a ‘post’ and not a ‘page’, right?

Lokan: Gina89: sounds like bad organisation or not much thought put into it yet.

Lokan: Gina89: everything is a post

Lokan: Post – page default cpt — all other cpts

Niedermeier: Okay, I see, I’m new to this. Thanks opsec!

Lokan: All your posts are belong to us.

Kihlstrom: Gina89: Post Type Switcher –

Lokan: I’d just make a cpt called “courses” and use that plugin to move the old course pages into “courses” post type

Fara: I dont have yootheme account.

Aldapa: Aah thanks opsec, i’ll check it out :

Fara: And cant ask a question there

Uhrich: Opsec, thanks for the advice. guess i’ll do something like that

Fara: Ok so I guess Ill email the guys who made the website at first

Fara: So I get access to YooTheme so I can ask them about those numbers

Fara: My friend who owns the site says teh number are there for pretty long time

Fara: And not since I started editing his website

Fara: Also, I ahve to mention that, the numbers ONLY appear in POSTS

Fara: Not in anything else on the site.

Fara: I have another question thought regarding cache

Fara: When I login to the site everything works fine, but sometime my mate says sometime when he logins or other people login it looks like that

Fara: After I go to the panel and click WP Rocket – Clear Cache suddenly everything works ok

Macmullen: Try shutting that off and see if it keeps happening?

Fara: Till it happens again after some time.

Fara: Shutting WP Rocket off?

Fara: The app takes care of alot of stuff, it didnt happen before.

Colantro: See if it keeps messing up like that, looks like the CSS is going missing

Fara: Ive seen google review for the site

Fara: And it said – “improve site speed”

Fara: Like Leverage browsing cache

Fara: And they said I had to add few lines into the htaccess in order to improve the site cache

Fara: I did add the mbut they are automatically deleted from the htaccess files but the cache still happens and the site does work faster.

Fara: But those stuff happen

Pritts: Have you tried other plugins?

Sciabica: Such as W3 Total Cache

Fara: I guess I should give it a try

Fara: But i’m wondering, if I set cache clear every 1 hour

Fara: Like Clear Cache Lifespan to 1 hour

Rissler: Doesnt hurt to try to see the outcome

Fara: Does clearing it too often can cause problems or something like that?

Beman: I want to say no, but i’m not gonna give you some BS answer.

Shafran: I would ***ume it has to rebuild the cache each time

Fara: So I guess that’s problematic,

Fara: Are you using W3 Total Cache?

Wisley: Redis requires backend server for caching