Really just the params I.

Yancik: Minus1999: edit the header of a child theme using header.php instead of functions.php

Beandoin: Using the xml rpc api and sending along a url-encoded post_name, yet somehow it is being overridden by the submitted title

Hoiness: It currently only has a style.css and a function.php, so add a header.php to childtheme.?

Govea: Gremlyn: why use the XML api instead of the new wp api?

Opteyndt: Scavotto, I guess I did not realise that there was a new API. this is a system that already used the xml api

Atha: So unfortunately we won’t be updating the system to use the new API now

Isley: At least not right now

Diani: Scavotto, you mean this?

Edson: Gremlyn: this

Latortue: How do make it where it only shows posts that don’t include tag ‘foo’

Siad: Http://

Losada: So it’s not included with WP by default, yet xml rpc is?

Steinbacher: Gremlyn: it’s fairly new

Snyder: It will eventually be merged in core

Hoglund: I’ll probably have to to wait to switch over to it until it is

Cardno: Lindsay, do I need to copy the entire header.php file from the parent theme and just edit what I need changed? or can I just have the change by itself?

Krepp: Asking clients to install plugins is a nightmare waiting to happen

Atkinson: Gremlyn: it is totally safe and stable to use until it is

Bogenschutz: Bero, I don’t doubt it

Jeng: Minus1999: copy the entire header.php file and edit the copy

Kranich: But if I have to tell someone to go install something to make this work, the chances of them wanting to and actually doing it and the properly decrease chances of success

Mostyn: I guess, but then what is your other option

Wheelen: Since it is already included

Morelle: If I can figure out why it is overriding my post_name, all will be well

Ingwersen: Gremlyn: the client doesnt install anything. you would install and set it up

Gekas: Scavotto, depends on how the service you run works

Cindrich: Gremlyn: you COULD drop the wp api into mu-plugins

Schoborg: Gremlyn: but you should keep an eye on it because it will be the future of mobile WP content

Sealock: I don’t have access too all the back ends for my clients

Violetta: Gremlyn: unless you’re talking about unique individual WP installs.

Winberry: You don’t have access to the wp-content folder?

Hawes: Gremlyn: but in that case you’re talking about unique installs anyways and having to do some level of setup for the client

Moonshower: For this specific application, no

Siemonsma: Yea still not understanding what youre saying

Biggar: They come to us, grant us permission to create content on their site

Riffe: So my service creates pages/posts on their site

Audirsch: Some of our clients host with us, others don’t

Arendale: Is it fairly specialized?

Pascall: Basically ghost writing

Finefrock: Gremlyn: typically what I would do is have a branded plugin that all people who want to use my “service” install

Living: That would cover everything including the wp api and all custom code and authentication

Enslinger: Scavotto, that’s fine in the longer term, but right now – today – I need to figure out how to get our existing xml rpc code working as needed

Carne: Gremlyn: missed the original question, got a pastebin?

Virani: Gremlyn: post your code

Casias: Here is the relevant code:

Capaccino: Really just the params I put together to send through