RabSimpson using.

Kuehner: Pre_option_upload_url_path

Kuehner: wordpress/">Http://john.onolan.org/how-to-use-a-cdn-with-wordpress/ see at the bottom

Vicks: Looks like exactly what i am looking for

Kuehner: Jetpack allows for cdn

Kuehner: But it wouldnt be your domain

Kuehner: Wp’s servers would host all the images

Kuehner: Https://jetpack.me/support/photon/

Brighter: Bobdobbs: thanks for the help an hour ago.You helped me to chill out or something.

Areias: I dont like that too much

Fellenz: Is there any way to get the date of either first published or last amemded for a page?

Manglona: Vectorx: check out maxcdn

Rakyta: Https://www.maxcdn.com/maxcdncoupon/

Leipert: RabSimpson im not looking for a cdn, im just trying to reduce one of the suggestions, so everything will be on the same server

Chappa: But yeah im aware of them

Randel: I’m not aware of any way you can split your ***ets off onto subdomains and still have wordpress manage them.

Itnyre: Fris explained it above

Polimeni: And i ended up reading the entire story about Austen on then instead

Simeon: Hi, i broke something. My pages all show error 404 when accessed via shortlink or pretty-url apart from root. posts still work.

Lonergan: Simeon you could try going into settings/permalinks and just save the page, that would be a good start

Manvelyan: Ukwiz: that data is part of the post object see https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Cl***_Reference/WP_Post#Member_Variables_of_WP_Post

Simeon: Doesn’t help :/ VectorX

Goldson: What did you do to make it go to 404

Manvelyan: VectorX: see http://halfelf.org/2015/static-content-subdomain/

Casas: Next thing would probably be to make sure .htaccess WP block is there correctly

Arashiro: German devs around at the moment?

Simeon: And I think it worked a few clicks ago. At least the preview worked, which now also shows error 404. I did not move from the edit post page, just clicked some stuff in it but only the rich text editor and the shortlink button i think.

Arquelles: The internet is confusing when it comes to getting categories by post_id. Is it wp_get_post_categories $post_id ; or get_the_category $post_id ?

Simeon: The strange thing is, that it worked before.

Kloster: I came in a bit late and didn’t see fris’ explanation.

Staberg: Which collation does the German WP need, utf8mb4_unicode_ci, utf8mb4_general_ci or utf8mb4_german2_ci ?

Manvelyan: Silverdust: The function wp_get_post_categories retrieve a list of categories for a post.

Ridpath: RabSimpson : fris wordpress/">http://john.onolan.org/how-to-use-a-cdn-with-wordpress/

Siwik: Simeon: Umlaute und so :

Brownd: Manvelyan: how would I access that from content such as “Last updated: xxxxx” where xxxx is the date

Manvelyan: Ukwiz: you can probably use the global $post object

Flo: Does anyone know a article about the negatives of w3tc

Tappin: Vectorx: that’s still using a cdn.

Balvanz: Manvelyan: so I should use it instead of get_the_category ?

Agresto: Because from it seem like the stackoverflow post says the exact opposite http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17303840/get-category-name-from-post-id as it wasn’t working for the guy

Manvelyan: Look at the code for both and see which fits your situation best.

Manvelyan: Codex, not code. sorry

Rake: Simeon: any idea which we should use for it? collation is meant

Ledsome: Does using pingbacks require php5-xmlrpc to be installed on the server?

Zuber: RabSimpson using pre_option_upload_url_path you can specify where the files are, so you can create a subdomain on the same server pointing to a different dir and rsync the content, and it will mimic using a cdn