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Santelli: Wp_enqueue_style ‘parent-news’, get_template_directory_uri . ‘/css/news.css’ ;

Kodadek: Ok guys Im sorry to bother you with something so fundamental but I just cant figure it out. i made a new news.css file in my child theme and enqueued it with

Podesta: But it still uses the news.css from the parent

Eichele: Rontill: Please post your source code with a service like http://gist.github.com or similar for us to look at, and avoid pasting large pieces of code to the channel.

Guiffre: Rontill: get_template_directory_uri gets the directory of the parent. You need the directory of the child

Crumby: Opsec: when i read it i feel the same :

Courchene: But i think LindsayMac got it

Johnting: Opsec: he wants to list all values of a custom field that will be used across posts. its bad data architecture

Gorelick: I will have this resources on single product page with all other infos, and i need to have one more page where i will show only resources without any other info.

Carriveau: Ul71m0: ok now I have no idea what you’re talking about


Schoberg: Gimme 5m in to make screenshots

Vanalstin: Ul71m0: can’t guarantee i’ll be here. Probably should have come prepared

Quebedeaux: Ok let me try again :

Collick: I have custom post type called Products. Every product have some data images, awards, specifications, RESOURCES . Every product can have multiple resources so i wanted to do it with ACF repeatable field.

Gloster: Are we clear on this ? :

Messana: Thats not the part that waqs confusing

Waycott: So on single product page i need to show this resources between all other data, and this is usual.

Bisagna: Yea. read that out loud to yourself. Does that make any sense?

Sanges: In my head it does. This is all just showing data of a post on single page, and i dont have any issues there

Starwalt: But now i have page called Resources, where i need to show only resources of selected product. Its like single-product page, but only to show resources Edwin else.

Waltersdorf: Ul71m0: for multiple different products?

Abramian: Ul71m0: why do you need a separate page?

Fentress: LindsayMac: that question is what am i going to ask designer tomorrow.

Stilgenbauer: Ul71m0: then maybe you should know those answers first.

Goodstein: Well usually i dont ask much i just make it, but this one is tircky

Barrer: And as he is not available atm i came here in meantime to chat it out with you guys

Hartle: Join our uuber party of unreal discussion nerds

Hartle: Hey that can work 2 ways

Nusbaum: Im part of it for few years now :

Hartle: Unreal engine nerds on an unreal discussed server just talkin’ about unreal stuff

Minjares: This shiz is very real

Hartle: If unreal people can make unreal things real with unreal engine then what in gods name else can they do

Montalbano: So i need to think unreal way to show only resources on external page

Lillick: Ul71m0: no. you need to think the logical way

Grim: Ul71m0: if you can’t think the logical way. youre in the wrong industry

Cichosz: LindsayMac: im sure i will make it, its just matter of choosing the right way

Valant: Hello all, just setup ssl on a domain, and when I change the urls in general settings it breaks all sub pages. anyone have any ideas?

Silveri: Tried changing saving permalinks etc but its not fixing the problem

Postal: I end up with not found on this server etc for all sub pages

Mcgrain: I can loop and get all product names and IDs, and than using IDs i will get the data i need. So i can make it as tabs without reloading a page

Muncil: Http://101country.com/wp-login.php

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