Problem is that I use a.

Lokan: Apachectl -M grep -i rewrite

Lokan: That’s because you have listen 80, not listen ip:80 or listen hostname:80

Lokan: If you have a fqdn routed to the box use that, if not, use the ip of the server

Schiltz: Yeah, and I have 5 vhosts, including the default

Lokan: The listen directive is in the main config

Bresee: Which I can’t access because the hosting provider is a control freak

Gepner: I can only edit /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf

Whisker: Jbrinkmusic: talk to your hosting provider. they can probably edit for you

Lokan: Seems like a goofy setup. and it sounds like mod_rewrite isn’t enabled or isn’t enabled for you .

Umphress: Hey everyone. Im new to wordpress. Can anyone tell me how to setup a wordpress site , like how its displayed in the demo version?

Dedicke: Shivasound:

Gordils: Yeah. I can confirm from phpinfo that mod_rewrite isn’t loaded. alright, calling hosting provider

Olen: Shivasound:

Grupp: Hey opsec, thanks. Do you know any guides, tutorials, for a newbie. I want to learn how to build a wordpress site from scratch.

Posen: Shivasound:

Kittner: Shivasound: do you want to used canned themes or learn how to start from Halcom?

Rosenberger: Please tell me everone if you know the plugin about search box like i have given 20 item for serch only

Chrisman: Any particular reason get_home_url isn’t listed on o.O

Sepich: Hey nesoi I have installed a theme on my blog.

Chrisman: Even though seems to imply it should be, lol

Luthi: Wanted to learn how to customize them well .

Lokan: Https://

Llewlyn: Nate: it’s listed as Tag:

Chrisman: Opsec: Thanks for linking what I did? lol

Chrisman: Llewlyn: Ah weird, the get_home_url entry puts itself under Function Reference

Lokan: Came out at the same time

Chrisman: Category-wise that is

Beauchaine: Shivasound: maybe wordpress-theme-customization-guide/">

Chrisman: Opsec: Well still, doesn’t really answer the original question 😛

Silverman: Llewlyn:please tell me everone if you know the plugin about search box like i have given 20 item for serch only

Lokan: Nate: it is on the codex.

Bourdages: Opsec:

Chrisman: Opsec: Well yes but I didn’t ask why it wasn’t on the codex, I asked why it wasn’t listed under the main function reference list as it made it a bit confusing when I was looking for it on there

Llewlyn: Herry: I don’t even understand your question

Seifert: I want customize search plugin for word press

Lunsford: Not a good morning than!

Belnas: Hello, I have some custom post types in a plugin. Is it possible to show all the posts of a custom post type in the list of pages that can be added to a menu.

Lunsford: Time for some more WordPress. Just finished a internal Laravel5 project.

Lokan: BZx: appearance — menu — upper right “screen options”

Staehler: Hi there, I want to use .htaccess or similar to point a chunk of my urls to another url inside my domain. The idea is simple as this:

Hurney: I have ””. I want all ordenary posts to land on a url like, etc.

Springston: Problem is that I use a theme that has setup a custom post type which is used as a portfolio, if I redirect all posts via the native wp permalink options like ” the portfolio will land under and that is not the logic Im looking for.