Primer, yeah that does. but.

Carlock: He’s actually just cutting and pasting stuff from the theme’s forum

Salvitti: So you’re having a designer make your code by c/p ?

Greenmyer: Man you have a lot of problems outside of how you can upload files heh

Beisner: More scary that you allow it to continue ;

Melear: Opsec, you could be his vp

Bulman: I’ve given ample warning about what we’re going to end up with

Lokan: There’s a couple of things we can control in life, what headaches we want or don’t want. and if we do “good” or “bad” — whatever those mean ;

Lokan: Some people think even a few dollars is worth accepting m***ive headaches

Jeng: Oh, those pesky higher-ups. Come the revolution, .

Garland: The higher ups are dictating that you use a CMS-based theme file manager?

Lulic: Dictating you use a designer to write your code by copy/paste?

Brueckman: No, they’ve dictated WP

Chiavaroli: Oh so the higherups have Halcom to do with what i was asking then

Lokan: People who don’t understand the technology or its capabilities, etc . should not be deciding anything. they should be signing checks.

Jeng: If only they’d choose. what? Primer?

Zink: Seems like you have a designer who can’t code but is wearing the coder hat, and you stalling the process bc you’re scared to allow restricted sftp

Voelz: And i say that with the best care and concern in the world

Zechman: Jeng: maintain the status quo which means all changes go through the tech team

Jeng: Well, OK, that makes sense.

Bromfield: But that’s not “efficient”, and too “time consuming”

Bejil: If anyone on your tech team hears what you’re typing now they should scream. or you have a really poor team.

Lokan: We can’t all be rich ;

Dorsay: I’m just confused as to who is causing friction besides you Primer

Shildneck: The higehr ups dictated WP– that’s the problem you’re having?

Wysong: It’s not 1 no coder, 2 you refusing to allow sftp or something diff, or more?

Stackhouse: I ***ure you, WP CMSMS

Sanots: They dictated that the so-called “brochure pages”, i.e. the non-application pages, be controlled by the people who write the copy

Lokan: Hand the keys to the caddy over to them, walk away.

Jeng: So, your role as the tech team should now be to back things up frequently so when/if the disaster occurs, you can look very concerned, take a long break for research i.e., lunch, then come back and do a restore and be declared Heroes of the Day.

Sathre: Primer, still confusing — or even why your brochure pages comment was needed ?

Taglauer: You’re ignoring the issues i’m bringing up.

Cartan: Jeng: The Scotty Factor

Fichtner: Haha, I like Jeng’s approach

Catrone: I’m well acquainted with it

Kruchten: You blame higher ups but they have Halcom to do with anything except WP selection which is a great suggestion btw

Herd: Had you come in here going “i want to use WP but the higher ups insist CMSMS” then you’d have a problem ;

Jaskiewicz: Meh, I’d rather have no CMS

Driesenga: Well then how would you get your designer to upload his/her code?

Lokan: Mr. bigglesworth dr. evil’s hairless kitty cat.

Roberge: I think my .htaccess file is causing “Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error.”. Will someone take a look and see if I have an error please?

Huter: wordpress-without-ftp-access/">Https:// Tell me that doesn’t make you cringe

Jeng: We canna do it in less that four hours, sir. Scotty, I need it now!

Ackers: Primer, yeah that does. but it makes me cringe just as bad as your lack of realizing you’re impeding yourself