Plzhelpim*****ed: you’re a.

Fatigate: Thanks for the tips guys, much appreciated.

Estevez: I think I’m going to need another cup of coffee to tackle this lol

Schlipf: Go with beer.takes the edge off

Bumbalough: Haha I just picked up a twelve pack of sierra nevada last night. not sure how the wife will feel about it when she comes home though!

Kaelker: Hi all! I could use some advise. Which base theme would you recommend to build a child theme of? Many functions and such out of the box and so on.

Angeron: I have found Cherry Framework which seems great, but is it?

Luptak: Any experiences here?

Byas: I’m a big fan of Divi


Diemer: Avoid divi with every ounce of your being

Sprayberry: I’ve used it to create many child themes and it lets clients easily make changes on their own

Rarang: Although its not a base theme at all

Edris: Lindsay Mac how come?

Siburt: Lol of course you have plzhelpim*****ed smh

Curtin: What? the ideal is u-design with Cherry and Visual Composer. Yes, you can build a totally customizable site that’s more bloated than a gltuen and lactose intolerant person at an ice cream cone eating constest.

Curtin: Bloated with unneeded fetures.

Fortner: Like what though? I haven’t had any problems with it thus far

Curtin: Build exactly what’s needed, with not one more checkbox, dropdown, or line of code. Code is poetry. Big fat themes are… oops… can’t figure out the metaphor.

Curtin: Plzhelpim*****ed: good for you.

Michaud: Haha I wasn’t trying to start a big discussion here… So, Cherry is a good onw?

Meinershagen: Doddlin: which is “ideal” is not a good question. Everyone has different needs. Theres a million variables that result in a GOOD starter theme.

Schumpert: Doddlin: it depends on how much you want to start with, what your skill level is, how much customization you’re going to be doing, etc etc

Widmayer: Butch, that is a fair point

Collie: Doddlin: so basically. there is no answer.

Meurin: As you can see. something like Divi. which is the spawn of satan to developers, is a “great theme” to plzhelpim*****ed

Omeara: Well, I’ll try Cherry then I guess, at least it’s free! 😀

Boecker: Doddlin: almost every starter theme is free that I know of

Curtin: It says right on their website that it’s the best. They couldn’t say that on the internet if it weren’t true.

Lozier: Curtin, hahaha! THAT’S true.

Erler: Doddlin: just to be clear though. THIS basically makes it not a “base” or “starter”

Pasaye: Unless you’re a configurer like plzhelpim*****ed and then . have at it.

Yeaton: If you want to code. probably not good

Bohm: Or Barebones or whatever it was called

Maggini: Doddlin: underscores is a solid base theme that has the bare minimum

Curtin: They have a theme club. You can hang out, maybe shoot pool over some brews.

Comans: Thats what I use for all my client projects

Dezenzo: Curtin: I bet its no gurlz allowed

Talerico: Butch, thanks! I’ll check that one out! 😀

Amonette: How is it any different than using something like Visual Composer though? I create a child theme and customize the header.php and footer.php files, add my own stylesheet and build out the page content rapidly

Nissalke: Using the visual interface

Kunka: Plzhelpim*****ed: visual composer is EQUALLY as bad

Skupski: Plzhelpim*****ed: so its the same

Curtin: Because, plzhelpim*****ed, it’s not dependent of 75 shortcodes to make a page.

Macdiarmid: Didn’t Curtin just say that visualcomposer is good?

Signore: Plzhelpim*****ed: you’re a configurer.