Plzhelpim*****ed: because.

Lugabihl: Kelm: so you’re trying to display a “next page” and “next post” based on what menu order?

Bayot: Butch: i’m using ACF, im nto sure if menu_order is unique to that plugin, but it’s the order of how I …order my pages in the admin panel

Berkeley: Kelm: order them where? in the post edit list screen?

Matejka: Butch: ya, post edit list screen

Bertelsen: And it updates teh menu_order automatically

Pita: My pages are squential, so I figure I’ll just use menu_order to indicate which # page it is

Chris: Then i can freely adjust in the post edit list screen and it’ll update without me going through every single one to update

Curtin: Budd: index.php SHOULD NOT be appearing in your URLs. This is a continuation of whatever you did the other day that messed up your links.

Curtin: Brodka: if you responded to my last message, sorry… got bogged down in an long email exchange.

Hoppe: Curtin: the other day? lol

Carvett: Kelm: and why are you using pages instead of posts here?

Curtin: Budd: was it yesterday? I’m not sure

Hutson: Kelm: since posts are typically ordered lists of content

Vojtko: Curtin: no, I was not even here reporting anything. Maybe it was someone else

Piontek: Butch: ignorance : I’ll switch over

Schlipf: No, they all went to pizza hut

Kalaf: I could go for some pizza right about now

Schlipf: I’m just watching over the washing leaks sometimes

Shinney: Kelm: well i am just suggesting to think about it

Curtin: Budd: hmmm… well, anyhow, /index.php/ should not be in your URLs. Reset your permalinks.

Weisman: I’m having a permissions issue and I have no idea what’s going on. I can’t access the woocommerce settings page from any admin accounts

Kisielewski: They all say “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

Alonza: Kelm: before you start coding things you should know what data you have, what data WP gives you to work with, and how those will all fit together

Santrizos: Plzhelpim*****ed: did you install a new plugin recently or make any changes?

Rossetto: I just installed a woocommerce plugin but I disabled it and it’s still giving me the same error

Defoore: I changed my permalinks to “post name” is that ok Curtin ?

Curtin: That’s the right setting!

Markins: Plzhelpim*****ed: so it happened immediately after you installed the plugin

Schlipf: Plzhelpim*****ed, nasty.which method did you use to install the plugin?

Kretzer: Curtin: damn, I got it right the first time? =D

Magda: Downloaded straight from code canyon-wp-admin-plugins-install

Curtin: Budd: don’t let it go to your head

Pytlovany: Butch: thanks for the tip! I usually just jump in and get my hands dirty, but I’ll try your approach moving forward. Thanks again!

Schlipf: Yeah, did you upload a zip file, or install from the dashboard. Is your dashboard configured for ftp, or direct access to files?

Ribeiro: Plzhelpim*****ed: what did the plugin you installed do?

Eddens: Whoops, wrong URL:

Braun: Plzhelpim*****ed: did you just link me to a google results page?

Huckeby: So I have WordPress ignoring php.ini’s max_post and max_upload sizes, still cutting them off at 8mb. Putting extra php.ini files in wp-admin and adding settings to .htaccess didn’t help.

Schlipf: Fockler, shared hosting?

Baehr: Fockler: did you start with contacting your host?

Mazin: Why doesn’t bbPress have an option in the Menu builder to link to the forums page?

Townley: Plzhelpim*****ed: because thats what I would do to make sure what youre trying to do is even possible