Pixolin: That’s nice logic.

Tschoepe: Yeah hence the shortcode

Birtwell: Hi all, I have a custom DB table and functionality for listing/editing etc the data for this from the admin area. A request has come through to be able to add an image to it, but unsure how to correctly process/handle image uploads in the admin area

Czajkowski: I would probably go for custom field with the code to be executed.

Kobylski: Does anyone have any pointers?

Suffridge: Any suggestions on debugging Gravity Forms? I just see the ajaxy spinner without submission

Holzhueter: Didnt think about that option

Carina: I would probably lurk into phpExec plugin to see how they did it.

Eichhorn: Anyhow, it certainly is problematic from a security point of view. you don’t want users to byp*** security mechanisms such as user roles and permissions by adding executable PHP code in a custom field.

Uerkwitz: See wordpress-custom-fields">http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3365821/how-to-insert-php-code-into-wordpress-custom-fields

Tschoepe: Whats wrong with a shortcode plugin?

Tschoepe: You can put it in wherever you want then

Massie: Shortcodes aren’t very performant. I don’t think it’s a great idea to create a new shortcode for each post that has PHP snippets if you make a website with lots of code examples.

Holzhueter: Pixolin, if I were to store code snippets in single .php files that I would retrieve with shortcodes or not the returned data from at WP-the_content time , where should I place my .php files on my server. Does it matter at all?

Erlich: I certainly wouldn’t place them in any other folder but wp-content

Metchikoff: To separate your own stuff with WordPress core

Hirsch: Https://kovshenin.com/2013/dont-do_shortcode/

Terherst: When moving a new website

Terherst: When moving a new theme to a existing website, is it needed to do that Settings – Update Permalinks ?

Friedli: Terherst: if that theme brings it’s own custom post typey e.g. for a profiles page, I would do so. but generally not.

Dipalma: As CPT’s should be plugin territory

Terherst: Because it contains logic

Holzhueter: Pixolin. How about a single shortcode that reffers to a filename it should return content from? like codeoutput stristri.php

Hennegan: Holy Moly, it’s amazing to see tickets for WordCamp Berlin get sold as fast. Two thirds of all tickets sold in two hours.

Holzhueter: So for each page that i have code stored in a visual representation i also in the end of the content use a shortcode that points to a unique filename

Diiorio: Lo2dk: and you keep editing the shortcode? Nah …

Holzhueter: I see what you mean. then I would need to update the shortcode refferences all the time

Holzhueter: And have a huge library of them

Holzhueter: I dont see why it would be necessary though from an abstract level not talking WP specifically

Holzhueter: All i want is to point to a parent folder which could be the path: wp-contentcodesnippets

Holzhueter: Then i could have some function that looks through all subfolders and files within

Holzhueter: And return anything if there is a matching filename with the p***ed parameter filename

Frix: First of all, you don’t want to make those snippets executable by themselves. Imagine you would write a blog post showing how easy it was to destroy data.

Pocasangre: Second, you don’t want to keep editing functions for each post.

Curley: New question; Does WP actually keep any kind of actual security list of major security fixes? I remember checking a couple months ago and couldn’t even find as much as a reliable security mailing list

Holzhueter: I dont want editable snippets. I want snippets that I have pre selected and customized

Withiam: Nate: it’s simple: always update and you don’t need to worry about security issues from the past.

Curley: Pixolin: That’s nice logic and all but realistically speaking when you’re handling a crapton of WP boards set up by others in the past, sometimes knowing what versions may be vulnerable can let you prioritize time more properly 😛