Pixolin: That’s a complex.

Goodiel: Checkit: I am trying to verify that.

Lira: Http://www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2013/11/government-guaranteed-basic-income

Hilcher: Guimares any rough idea how many hours and how much consultants charge for an hour?

Demarini: Checkit: does it return anything when it’s run?

Sachez: I take it back, Doremon, you may be able to find an off-the-shelf solution!

Ugalde: Checkit: do $directory = wp_mkdir_p$upload; var_dump$directory; to see if it’s returning a bool

Antao: Shabazz, quite a while ago you had a rather brief support guideline in make.w.org and it’s somewhat hard to search for it. I’m not talking about the support handbook, just a very brief unordered list

Dopazo: Guimares: I tried that as well. result = int 0

Lowthorp: Checkit: ok. so thats a false response not a null which is more info to debug with at least

Mcmina: Pixolin: It was probably converted into the handbook.

Aland: Shabazz: I’m not even sure whether that was for mods or regular support

Rafey: I have no idea what ‘unordered list’ you even asking about you know : That’s really ***ue. I have a lot of things that could qualify.

Gornick: Checkit: and this code works when NOT called from ajax for sure, right?

Gennaria: Shabazz: the reason I’m asking is that I wonder how you deal with people who expect yoz teach them HTML/CSS/… and aren’t willing by any means to contribute to Forums or WP in general. I just had some rather frustrating experience

Geniesse: Guimares: I did remove this snippet and place it in the installation script to test. It worked there.

Erdner: Sachez I’ve spent few hours going through dozens of off-the-shelf WP solutions but no one fits perfectly . I am trying to know how much efforts are needed if I want to customize WP myself

Riedman: Checkit: and you checked your error logs to make sure you dont have any errors? like permissions and what not

Beigert: Sachez mainly what learning steps should be taken in what order

Pritcher: Hoped your guidelines would have some section or at least a single phrase about it. The support handbook doesn’t.

Molliere: Doremon: it will be a lot of effort to roll your own solution IMHO

Faaita: Doremon: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Post_Types

Gervasio: Doremon: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Taxonomies

Mosely: Guimares: chmodded 0777 on the uploads dir.

Cantwell: Sachez can you share more about the custom post template you said?

Cofrancesco: Permissions are correct

Gurin: Doremon: you should start with learning what all of the different available data types are out there for WP and what their benefits / downfalls are

Sachez: Doremon: are you familiar with Drupal?

Mcgeeney: Doremon: then make a map of the data types you currently have/need and what their requirements are ie: lectures must have these fields, be searchable, and be able to be linked to the cl***es data type

Vayda: Sachez deployed and used in past . not a Drupal customizer

Glatt: Guimares +1 That’s what I need to know

Sachez: Doremon: if you’re familiar with CONTENT – ADD CONTENT TYPE in Drupal, that’s sort of what Custom Post Types are.

Holsworth: Checkit: did you try hardcoding the url path?

Broaden: Just wp_mkdir_p’/myuploads/’;

Amadi: Doremon: thats going to take some time just reading through the codex, looking at the database structure, and reading articles about all fo the different content types

Sachez: But, as Guimares says, start with a model of what you want to do and work out the types and relations, then map them to WordPress data types.

Mickler: Doremon: which is why I suggested hiring a consultant who can help you plan out your architecture and then you can get to coding yourself

Nolton: Pixolin: That’s a complex quetion. We never really had a ‘dealing with troublesome users’ but in general, I tell them I’m sorry but I don’t have the ability to help everyone with basic HTML questions AND WordPress, so they’re going to have to try elsewhere. Here are some links.