PHP message: PHP Notice: .

Bedlion: Https://

Geronimo: Https://

Romkema: There we go, why you being dumb Ostiguy =

Zagami: The codex should say that!

Zagami: The codex mentions it for register_sidebar_widget, but not for register_widget_control

Beede: The codex is slowly being retired, pelase use instead =

Hammang: Retiring the codex makes me sad

Zagami: But the codex has actual examples everywhere :-/

Mefford: IT’s for a good cause, the codex will remain in read only mode

Wan: How much of the codex is in devdeloper

Chais: We’re importing the data to the dev pages little by little, they all need ot be audited as many things have happened since most of the mwere written

Yablonsky: The Developer Resources are also automated in regard to new WP releases saving a ton of work as it’s built with the inline docs

Shifflet: I’m not sure how much of the codex has been ported, the Docs team might have that data in a spreadsheet somewhere as it’s a tedious task

Schwarm: They’re always looking for volunteers ot help out!

Zagami: The options contains the height, width, and id_base keys. The height option is never used.

Pebley: Arg. vimeo API is annoying me right now

Cotterell: I am really completely new to wordpress

Daffin: I am lending a hand out on a site and I have to convert a page to two column page. I downloaded 2 plugins now, this one: being the last one

Amison: I insert the code between the generated tags and yet Elenbaas seems to happen

Bedlion: One_halfStuff goes here/one_half

Cagliostro: Opsec: I tried that already.

Hillesland: LindsayM_: a but of a messy setup. the site is not on public access

Nader: But I can copy the source for you to see if you wish

Goldsborough: DarkStar1: really impossible to help without seeing it

Zagami: Can someone explain me what is wrong with lines 4 and 13?

Zagami: I get my *** kicked by PHP: Only variables should be ***igned by reference in

Zagami: Http://

Zagami: My copy/paste-fu failed me

Varney: Znf: and what is your unexpected response?

Zagami: PHP message: PHP Strict Standards: Only variables should be ***igned by reference in /home/zoso/www/wp-content/themes/zoso4/functions.php on line 153

Zagami: I guess that’s the failing part “***igning by reference”

Rebert: Znf: !$post = & get_post$post_id should be !$post == get_post$post_id

Zagami: Never used that myself, so I’ve no idea what it does, and the php docs already say that it’s obsolete

Galeoto: Znf: so why did you use it?

Zagami: I’m not. I’m fixing some theme

Beetley: Znf: when doing if statements, your “equals” shoudl be == . = is used for referencing variables

Maccartney: Znf:

Zagami: That much I know. =& is “***igning by reference”

Zagami: So, some code is depending on that & to be there.

Gerache: Znf: you arent referencing in an if statement

Goans: Formidable + WPML users here? It seems like my Radio button is not doing it’s translation :s

Donah: Hey, I’m trying to understand how a twentyfifteen displays a static front page

Zagami: Well, now I get PHP message: PHP Notice: Undefined variable: post in /home/zoso/www/wp-content/themes/zoso4/functions.php on line 155

Zagami: PHP message: PHP Notice: Undefined variable: post in /home/zoso/www/wp-content/themes/zoso4/functions.php on line 155