Pezzuti: doesn’t mention.

Hobstetter: Hi all, I have a blog all set. I had made a seperate webapp on the same domain. I need to common login for both things. Somehow use wordpress login and registration for my webapp. Can you guys suggest something for this?

Nordeen: Https://

Bjorn: Thanks opsec This will do i think.

Ceja: Hello world! How can I handle in my plugin account p***word change

Ardizone: In /wp-admin/profile.php? I need this, for integration with another service. Thanks!

Ajose: Sorry, for my bad english

Stpaul: Small description: I have website for game server, built on worpdress. So, I want synchronize p***word changes from wordpress to game server’s account system.

Lambiase: About security of wordpress

Shakoor: How really important is to change the wp-content directory?

Ingold: In some tutorials, recomends to change that directories. but, the images always have that new directory

Abreo: So. if I change the wp-content, will be so easy to see the new directory in the link of the images

Hixenbaugh: I don’t think that give you a real security. most of the attacks use plugins bugs, and even if you change that directory will be visible the new one.

Gropper: Yes, also, there are some other files you should consider. wp-config.php, the ajax files etc.

Siptak: Fine. thats the anwser I need, I know that but I need to be secure of that information

Tompsett: Ok, Yes,. I know, move wp-config is so important, of course

Dys: A good securtiy plugin that you recommend me please?

Segee: I mean there are some other files of the wordpress core that you can’t move and them are open to the requests via get or posts. So, may I suggest to use a plugin for security like better security iThemes Security

Cabugos: Using that plugin you can monitor 404, bruteforce attacks, send logs emails etc.

Dielman: Also the plugin give you some info about what you should do in order to keep your site secure

Dollinger: Yes. ithemes security is one of the most famous, and wordfence too

Donavan: Skynet:

Romaniak: Never used wordfence, how it is?

Khalsa: It have good recomendations, and too much people download it from wordpress plugin page

Stachniw: Ithemes security have 600.000 installs, and wordfence 1.000.000+ installs

Tscrious: So. welll now I know about the wp-content folder, its so difficult to change that, I want to know is really worth the sacrifice, and well. Im satisfied with the answer, thanks widoz

Arrigone: Any0one got experience with :

Oeder: I was writing a blog last night in wordpress.

Kabrick: Today morning it wasn’t there anymore

Waddel: Is there any way to recover the blog?

Roede: But now it has just first few paragraphs

Psuik: Pezzuti: help please?

Poniatoski: Pezzuti: I was writing a blog last night in wordpress.

Salamon: Today morning it wasn’t there anymore

Blumenstock: Is there any way to recover the blog?

Arqueta: But now it has just first few paragraphs

Dingillo: Pezzuti: most of my blog post

Pezzuti: IS there anything in the revisions?

Pruskowski: Pezzuti: I can’t find the revisions section

Pezzuti: Http://


Harms: Pezzuti: the page I am given to edit doesn’t look like that at all.

Pezzuti: What version are u using

Kubala: Pezzuti: I am using the online editor provided

Livermore: Pezzuti: doesn’t mention any version