Panelli: but if i need.

Stenstrom: Your name kind of threw me oss as I figured you’d have had previous experience with RoR 😛

Luongo: Mobyduck: to some extent

Munsell: Rubyronin: so you’re familiar with concepts like cl***, object, instance and methods?

Kreitler: How is it you know ruby but not php? It . bah it . nvm

Quashnock: Oh! Let’s start a “Which Language is Better” fight! 😀

Mauk: How is it you know English and not Portuguese?

Dinkle: I don’t understand the question. I’m beginning my php education

Bellair: Rubyronin: referring to which question? Mine?

Nesbeth: Mobyduck: no. I was referring to the “how do you Ruby but not php”

Wayson: Mobyduck: yes I am familiar with them

Panelli: Is everyone confused yet?

Nero: Rubyronin: yeah, that was a pretty stupid question. Anyways! Move your foreach loop and put it within your function get_sites

Weissgerber: When your Cl*** is “executed” it’s simply understood by the interpreter as a blueprint for how to create objects of that cl*** the constructor and how to interact with those objects methods, which php for inexplicable reasons call functions

Karagiannes: I’m not sure how OOP works in php. Is there an implicit constructor or does it have to be explicitly declared?

Zumbrennen: Https://

Gabbard: Initially I had the forloop inside the function, and it kept creating an error

Trifone: I put it outside the function, same thing

Finocchiaro: Well, now your function returns on the very first line. You’ll have to fix that

Heyen: What does wp_get_sites return?

Pickenpaugh: Mark Jaquith’s “APC Object Cache Backend” jas

Panelli: Ping him via twitter?

Loveman: I’m scared of looking like a noob

Panelli: Against Mark Jaquith we all look like noobs.

Morak: Like, I’m scared of looking like I don’t know squat about PHP optimisation. which is true.

Pezzuti: Im still confused Panelli 😀

Femat: Rubyronin: right, wp_get_sites returns an array of key/value pairs. But – and I think this is where it goes wrong – in your loop you try to use the value as if it itself is an array $value’blog_id’

Panelli: Pezzuti: so am I. since years.

Pezzuti: Last part left for me are those category images and a new site is finished 😛 only im struggling with them already for hours 😀

Silis: Wp_Get_sites gets a list of all my sites on my multisite

Huerto: To do a page template to a child theme i just create a page-template folder and add there the template?

Arakaki: Huerto: test: try creating the page template in the theme root first. see if wp picks it up.

Critelli: Rubyronin: Maybe this can help?

Panelli: Huerto: a child theme needs a style.css with a template header which uses Template: Name pf Parent. Then you can copy templates from the parent and tweak them as desired.

Buttimer: Huerto: if that works, then try putting it in a subfolder

Luberger: Rubyronin:

Artuso: Rubyronin: foreach $a as $k = $v

Panelli: Pezzuti: why don’t you use Advanced Custom Fields for category images?

Subido: Rubyronin: “foreach $sites as $key = $value” instead of “foreach $sites as $key, $value”

Therien: Hey all, is there anyone with access to wordpress forum. My account had been moderated yesterday, then reverted back to normal, then it is moderated again. Can anyone tell me what is going on there?

Cloutman: I’d great;y appreciate some info

Molinas: I hate how php treats an array and a table as the same damn thing. It’

Pezzuti: Lets test is it in the free version you know Panelli ?

Huerto: Panelli: but if i need another template that does not come with the parent one?