Panelli: any hint on.

Megeath: Anyone on here had experience with Woocommerce CSV import Suite?

Neun: Need someone who knows the plug in well

Panelli: Well, that’s probably the reason you don’t quite get what I mean, t4nk091 :

Huerto: Using a childtheme i need to modify /parent/inc/widgets/widgets.php , is it possible?, should i create the folders inc/widgets, and then override widgets.php?

Wackerbarth: What should I do ? Thanks Panelli for helping

Panelli: T4nk091: if you use pretty permalinks, you can show a web page with posts of a particular category, only. If you open it will show posts “apples, oranges, etc”

Panelli: So providing a link to the right category archive will only show the desired posts

Huerto: Nvm, already foudn a link explaining it :p

Halpert: Panelli: i’m using meta_query to pick the posts i want to retrieve so that’s why i was using the thread as my starting point. seems using orderby = ‘meta_value_num’ worked here best for sorting after all, thanks

Heiner: Okk. I think I am getting it. That means all categories are accessible via right?

Panelli: Mindiswurk: you need to use ‘orderby’ = ‘meta_value_num’, ‘meta_key’ = ‘lead-order’, to … err … you got it already :

Wesch: And I will make menu as custom links as selected by user

Panelli: Also check this here … 

Seavey: T4nk091:

Panelli: This is Franzmann, not a woocommerce channel. don’t expect too many users around who use especially your plugin.

Trombino: Panelli: There is nobody really in the woocommerce channel, I figured most wordpress users would have used woocommerce too

Panelli: T4nk091: buut if coding is too much of a h***le for you, you might enjoy this post here: wordpress-categories-without-using-code">

Panelli: Nah, I don’t use woocommerce at all. it’s too complicated with our law restrictions for me.

Macarthur: Hey, One more thing. How will I change Menu tabs on selected value by user?

Panelli: Not that I haven’t looked into it …

Dagon: Panelli: So where could I find a user of that plugin? Its $200 and I just want to know if it will cater to my needs, I have a CSV file with product variations that I need to upload, thats all. I don’t wanna spend the $200 to find out it isn’t gonna do it.

Panelli: T4nk091: that’s not even a WordPress question. you might want to read a little about dropdown menus with PHP or visit ##php

Panelli: What about contacting the vendor? you ask for a support here that nobody can provide who hasn’t bought the addon, it seems.

Pedroza: Ohk ohk. Thats fine. Thankyou so much. I think I can do it :-

Panelli: Not sure the channel bot will answer ;

Panelli: T4nk091:

Panelli: Anyhow, you can use the code from the code example at

Marzett: If you know any similar plugin available, that would be great

Panelli: Why don’t you just use the category widget?

Panelli: As in appearance widgets category

Diprima: Will that ask the user to select categories to read and remove others for current session?

Panelli: The best way to learn is to try out stuff in a local test environment

Panelli: What operating system do you use?

Panelli: Then you need to manually set up a LAMP stack. DigitalOcean has awesome tutorials how to do that. Then you can just drop WordPress into the /var/www/ folder and test stuff as you like.

Willmann: Installed a theme too

Panelli: Well, super. what keeps you from looking into appearance widgets then?

Huerto: Panelli: any hint on modifying parent theme /inc/widgets/widgets.php ?