Pacifico: if it was hard to.

Tellefsen: Lovett: from a logic standpoint it makes a lot of sense.

Seery: Lovett: if you accommodate for everything and your logic is always correct, you’re written an immature datetime lib. so just use a mature datetime lib.

Galang: Felix89: I don’t think. been looking for that too

Llams: Lovett: people’s lives are usually revolving around daylight. If you can extend daylight, you can solve a lot of unnecessary expending in electricity. That, in itself, is very logical.

Mcguyer: Lovett: agriculture and several other things also Herrell around daylight. It’s easier to get people to adapt to these “seemingly arbitrary rules” than have a mathematical equation that can be used to calculate everything. People aren’t good at maths.

Nuessle: Kamuela_iOS: also so we can eat together

Hiday: Grays, every programmers know in detail just how horrible dates are cmon

Kubik: Also, our sleep wake cycle is biologic, hardcoded deep deep down which is why we need caffeine

Nuessle: Nobody believes in biology anymore, it’s been debunked

Kenan: True, after we found out vaccines cause autism

Nuessle: Jim: pretty sure it’s javascript that causes autism

Cieloha: It’d be easier to say that about prolog or even haskell. js is dirty and occasionally practical

Flewelling: Let us not make fun of autism here, please.

Hrivnak: If you need to deal with spans of time longer than one day then what are you even doing

Hrivnak: Seriously though dates **** because they are a cultural thing

Hrivnak: And that means they’re going to have all kinds of crazy *** special cases

Alliance: Function { return Array.isArrayarguments; }

Rindone: Teaching myself d3 right now, what are some good data sets i can use?

Durate: Jim: let me know if you work with maps

Waterman: How do I unittest JS?

Csaszar: Tape/qunit/jasmine/mocha+chai ?

Korth: Hi guys. Can someone help me figure out why the input event does not work in IE11? . just the input event does not register

Dalcour: Tcsc: periods are actually a very common in computing. Issue tracking systems for example.

Hrivnak: Yeah, i wasn’t being serious

Hrivnak: Although i cant remember the last time i had to deal with dates or long timespans

Minerich: I wish it was possible to declare a const and initialize it later, like in the case of a try catch block. I have to use let in those cases only because if I use const it’s scoped to the try catch yeah

Walch: The let is defined outside the try catch

Mitchel: Tcsc, i acheived heaps today. much thanks to your help. time to go, thank you, good evening.

Hrivnak: Np, i was procrastinating on fixing bugs that only showed up on android.

Holaway: Kamuela_iOS i haven’t done datavis with maps, though I have worked with mongos geospatial data

Mitchel: Tcsc, i tried my code on my android phone. it ran at 8fps : but that was expected, it’s a very old phone.

Stathas: I’m getting frustrated can someone please help here

Hrivnak: Yeah android and ios have different performance characteristics

Hrivnak: Also the 2d canvas is not always hw accelerated on android

Dasmann: Jim: I’m considering using just SVG for something involving maps

Ovens: Imho d3 is the way to go

Sokoloff: I always preferred runescape

Mitchel: Tcsc, given the age of my phone, i suspect it’s not.

Foth: Anyone using netbeans

Pacifico: Instead of working I’m fixing all of this poorly written do***entation. Why can’t people just write properly, damn it? How am I supposed to understand this garbage?

Nuessle: Pacifico: if it was hard to write it should be hard to read