P.s. I added rtl.css to the.

Mannarino: If I use the field to paste my custom CSS code

Mckendree: I have meseges:Warning: require_once/home/rsc49170/public_html/wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/rsc49170/public_html/wp-admin/index.php on line 13 Fatal error: require_once: Failed opening required ‘/home/rsc49170/public_html/wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php’ include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’ in /home/rsc49170/public_html/wp-admin/index.php on line 13

Samit: Kinda disappointed no one at work has noticed my WP shirt

Bathke: Web site work, but deshbourd is messeges what I send

Dobrin: Sam__: reinstalll WordPress. get the latest version from wordpress.org and upload. I think something went wrong when it updated the last time.

Sherrell: From ftp, if you have it, sam__

Maten: Neeku: that’s the idea, but it’s always good to have backups!

Norstrom: I’m ***uming it’s a yes, as it saves it to database. :-/

Heaton: At least one step closer to my RTL issues now. :

Pichette: Uh, sterndata, but it doesn’t seem to be taking affect. Is the trick to paste only the lines that are customized, or the whole css file?

Kutchin: Just the lines that are customized

Gilligan: Still no luck sterndata. :-/

Spahr: Changes don’t get applied to the site

Dehaney: Than you have not used the right descriptors in your CSS

Pineo: What does stern mean?

Flodman: That’s the oldest question in the universe, hidden in plain sight

Pineo: Sterndata.com is your website?

Pineo: What does stern data mean?

Frederique: Whatever you want it to mean 😀

Layfield: Woo gitlab v8 out tomorow

Stuffle: Has anyone here made a pluggin that interacts with the google api using googles php api library

Procknow: Having a strange issue

Arcudi: Joep_, not specifically a plugin within WP but I did work with the php api library

Pitre: Ok mind if i msg you? i have screenshots and stuff

Wasylow: Neeku: what’s your url?

Bellettiere: Sterndata: http://shamekhi.net/blog

Ridgebear: Sterndata: I created a child theme and added the manipulated lines there, but again no joy

Swango: What’s a bit of stuff that’s not showing the right CSS?

Bohren: Oh, I ***ume the farsi should be rtl.

Donaghy: There’s Edwin in http://shamekhi.net/blog/wp-content/themes/Fable-Child/style.css?ver=4.3.1 that references RTL

Zaino: Sterndata: http://pastebin.com/16BC2kUg these two are the lines I’ve added, without deleting the originals from the main style.css

Carraway: But there’s Edwin RTL about them

Bringas: I also have the rtl.css in the main theme dir

Ambrogi: The CSS in http://shamekhi.net/blog/wp-content/themes/Fable-Child/style.css?ver=4.3.1 seems to work. At lest, the first letter is styled.

Tilson: The RTL.CSS file isn’t l oaded.

Tuffey: Sterndata: well, just to take things step by step, I removed ‘float: left’ and that would bring the beginning drop cap to the right. that worked when manipulating the main style.css

Hatzell: But it doesn’t when I apply it to either the custom css in dashboard, or through the child theme

Joehnck: The drop cap looks OK to me the farsi version. It’s larger, it’s slightly dropped, etc.

Ridgell: I should not look at food sites at lunchtime.

Daku: But it’s on the left side sterndata, removing ‘float: left’, it’d start correctly from the right

Holman: No, float left has Edwin to do with RTL; it’ has to do with the where the entity goes on the page

Liddick: Sterndata: but just to see if this child css is working or not, it can tell us, as it does swap it to right when changing the main style file

Reifsteck: P.s. I added rtl.css to the child theme, as well