Outside of hard coding.

Miskinis: Plzhelpim*****ed: the fact is. theyre insane bloat that makes messy code that’s very difficult to maintain and results in a nightmare if you want to really do anytrhing outside of the box they give you

Curtin: I build themes on underscores with a few exceptions.

Laessig: Plzhelpim*****ed: and did I mention messy and hard to maintain?

Curtin: As someone with a degree in math, I can damn it with the word “inelegant”.

Nagele: I understand what you’re saying but I’m probably going to continue to use it. It fits my needs and makes developing small business sites quick and easy while giving them the power to make changes on their own without calling me to insert pictures or change text lol

Nagele: It’s definitely bloated, I agree with that. But it’s still getting a page speed grade and y-slow score of an A with optimized images

Nagele: And I love the fact that it makes it so clients can edit content on their own

Nagele: Like you said before, it’s good for “configurers”

Onstead: Yea, because that’s an actual reality.

Heiskell: Nagele: dont confuse yourself. you arent developing. You’re configuring

Keas: Nagele: bloat != page load speed

Onstead: Doesn’t take any skill at all to develop a site well, clients know that. ;

Capati: Nagele: as soon as those clients want to do anything more theyre going to have to rip the whole site apart and start over. and THATS what you dont tell the clients and THAT is what will kill them

Gittleman: Trust me . MOST of my clients have wasted that money before coming to me to “fix it”

Manvelyan: Inserting pictures and changing text are core features. Using VC obscures them, creates unmaintable page by page formatting, and slopping design — your users are NOT designers; you need to protect the integrity of the site while building something simple, obvious, and easy to use.

Nagele: Give me an example though. What could they possibly need to do that you couldn’t do with a blank page template?

Manvelyan: I’m working with a client now who paid a “developer” a fortune to build a site on u-design and VC and now that they’ve figured it it’s a steaming pile of **** behind the scenes, they’re paying me to do it right… starting with a architectural plan, then a solid design, then a back end to tie it all teogether.

Manvelyan: Nagele: so ultimately, you’re creating business for me. more power to you.

Brunckhorst: Nagele: that question doesnt even make sense!

Heaivilin: I accidentally prepended ‘www’ to my site URL in the WP admin. Now I no longer have access to any part of my page. What is the best course of action for recovery?

Eriksen: Linusthebear: you can reset the constants in wp-config

Ehlers: Linusthebear: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/site_url

Nagele: Why doesn’t it make sense?

Kurrie: Hmm Ill check those out.

Quast: Nagele: “What could they possibly need to do that you couldn’t do with a blank page template?”

Nagele: I’m not claiming to be a master developer but what can’t you do with a blank page template?

Saysongkham: Nagele: what does that mean? A blank page template? You are offering your clients a blank page for them to build their own layouts?

Nagele: No I mean if they need something “outside the box”

Vandeman: Nagele: if you need to actually custmize any aspect of the default theme you are in for it

Mcfate: Nagele: if you cant think of anything unique to do with a website that can’t be achieved with a drag and drop editor. you’re in the wrong business.

Manvelyan: Hussey: no point in arguing this…. he ain’t getting it.

Nagele: But why? Child theme – Modify header.php with whatever modifications you need, modify footer.php with whatever you need, create your own stylesheet

Halprin: Kieft Hussey: Im not quite sure how to proceed with this do***entation.

Jainlett: Linusthebear: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Editing_wp-config.php

Nagele: Outside of hard coding stuff into a page template what else would there be that makes Divi a bad choice?