Opsec: since you said I did.

Kondo: Guys that couldn’t figure out dual monitor setups so just unplugged it and worked off an 11 ” screen

Likos: Opsec: luckily enough, I know a fair few of them

Billips: Scavotto: I think I got somewhere

Schamber: Scavotto: Jeng oeproject.com

Lokan: If you have a strong p***ion for something you’ll be “good at it” better than the alternative. if not, it’s just a paycheck.

Fronduti: Just occasionally you encounter absolute muppets

Romash: Occasionally you encounter muppets? OCCASIONALLY?

Jeng: Sokoll: welcome back. From the dashboard – SETTINGS, set the the two url fields to http://oeproject.com/

Lokan: I encounter the swedish chef almost daily.

Shami: Sokoll: now you just need to wokr on the doc I sent you to

Vollstedt: I worked for a guy that looked like beaker

Matlack: Sokoll: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Changing_The_Site_URL

Rosenow: Opsec: i did love the swedish chef though LOL

Zanini: Scavotto: I’ve changed both URL’s, but it is still plain text

Villareal: Sokoll: it doesn’t appear that you have because its still trying to get your IP

Jeng: I still get a 404 on http://www.oeproject.com/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen/style.css?ver=4.3

Mcbain: Scavotto: is there something I need to restart other than apache?

Beirne: Sokoll: or did you JUST do it?

Lokan: Sokoll: http://dpaste.com/0FKSSHZ

Lokan: Sokoll: see the paste.

Maquis: Opsec: yep that’s exactly what I did

Penders: Lol oops, I think i just broke gforms

Grey: Sokoll: it’s your use of wwww.

Sommerfeldt: Sokoll: you dont have the www. subdomain setup.

Furches: Sokoll: that said, you shouldnt have www. set as your site domain. just make it yourdomain.com

Jeng: Sokoll: you need to make a CNAME in your DNS that points to the domain itself

Bujol: Sokoll: you can go to your stylesheet directly via http://oeproject.com/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen/genericons/genericons.css?ver=3.0.3

Jeng: Then in your virtual host setup, you need to add it as a ServerAlias

Spurbeck: Scavotto: Jeng hang on a tick, I’ll try and fix it

Schelle: Scavotto: I don’t have www set up as an A record

Schoenberger: Scavotto: but also no CNAME either

Lokan: It can be an A or a CNAME . but that’s not causing this ;

Jeng: Opsec: it’s part of the problem at the moment.

Jeng: But if he changes the URLs in wp-config or in the database it’s sort of moot

Sinquefield: Sokoll: like i said. thats not the issue really. just change your site url from www.domain to domain.com

Evinger: Jeng: its not OUR problem and its not something that needs to be dealt with to FIX the problem

Lokan: I thought i pasted that?

Lokan: Sokoll: if you edited what i pasted, it’s now incorrect.

Jeng: Looking at the page source, URIs have three different forms, IP, domain.com and www.domain.com

Lokan: One eight seven in the heezy.

Jeng: The CSS is still using WWW

Browner: Ok, this is my wp-config.php end of file https://gist.github.com/LucaBear/86942bb4dadfe0b150d2

Prater: I have set up a CNAME with oeproject.com as the name AND the hostname – is that correct?

Lokan: Sokoll: now your vhost config.

Ferranto: Vhost https://gist.github.com/LucaBear/ca9b0c43c1c9462c81bf

Jeng: When you’ve got that done, we’ll do a clean up in the database so it’s ALL http://oeproject.com all the time

Esselman: Ok, so how do I set up the CNAME?

Jeng: Pastebin your virtualhost stetup, sokoll

Manigold: Opsec: since you said I did it wrong :/