Opsec: perhaps to you. I.

Kolker: Alls I’m saying is every time this conversation comes up, and I’m not pointing fingers because you could run these as actual stats, you two are usually the common denominator opsec LindsayMac

Lokan: Almost no one realises the level to which we’re all indoctrinated from birth, to accept certain things and deny self.

Machon: Take that as you will, but I think any regulars here would agree

Tramp: Opsec: shh they’re listening

Lokan: Common denominator of what?

Labrode: The complaints about not being helped

Lokan: Sarver: it’s ok ; i’m ready to depart any time!

Lokan: Bero: who is complaining they weren’t helped?

Jeng: Can we get a Yelp for a channel?

Lokan: Ya gotta take off the sad panda face when dealing with logical problems, no room for emotions really, unless you like train derailments ;

Cashmer: You can’t treat people like dumb cattle though

Lokan: We’re all dumb cattle to a degree

Jaynes: Bero: you can if they’re acting like it

Lokan: But who is being treated like cattle again?

Zemaitis: It doesn’t help anyone

Zwilling: Bero: that’s how most of the economy works

Carello: Jeng: Slack has a “props” system.

Smtih: Jeng: you get +1’s when people give them to you

Mevers: Fixed now – thanks Jeng for your help :

Briola: Sarver: well too bad, that’s not how the WP community has worked, and that’s why it’s thrived

Abell: Bero: that’s exactly how WP works. It’s made to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Lehew: Bero: thats not true at all.

Jeng: I think that sort of thing is a to-do for Lagrow.

Colsch: Bero: WP is a low barrier to entry CMS for “devs”

Spudis: Bero: its EXACTLY how WP works

Kennin: I don’t think you two are understanding what I’m saying

Lokan: I love the sad pandas that don’t have the ability developed to remove themselves ego from a situation to see hidden truths about it.

Caraker: I’m not saying we shouldn’t tailor to everyone, I’m saying we can’t treat everyone like they’re stupid and they don’t know what they’re talking about

Ault: That’s a bad experience for everybody

Petitti: Bero: I wasn’t complaining I wasn’t helped – I was frustrated with someone in the httpd channel who has repeatedly been quite rude to me in the past, simply for not understanding something properly. He seems to live on that channel 24/7 so I just wanted someone else to help instead of him jumping in on my request as always and being difficult.

Heckaman: Bero: the guy had literally insulted me before for not knowing something I ‘should know’

Kanekuni: Sokoll: then sorry for pointing out your case, I haven’t been active the whole conversation

Aures: Bero: no worries at all : no need to apologise

Lokan: I was a witness there sokoll he was not at all rude to you, but you also weren’t understanding what he was saying.

Carfora: Sokoll: we’ve had that issue here in the past, only reason I bring it up 😛

Seryak: Opsec: I’m not talking about today

Lokan: He won’t just let you go on and on about it.

Jeng: Https://www.facebook.com/purpleclvr/photos/a.375609882543951.1073741828.369508529820753/570038286434442/?type=1&theater

Roehler: Sokoll: thumbs is a troll, don’t worry abou tit

Lokan: Heh, thumbs is not a troll at all ;

Rubenacker: Opsec: thumbs is not a pleasant person to deal with.

Lokan: He’s been perfectly pleasant for 10 years ;

Lokan: He just realises you can’t ever “teach” anyone anything, you can only “show” them what you or someone else has done

Kampe: Opsec: perhaps to you. I can imagine he’s nice to some people – probably the ones who aren’t noobs