Opsec: I did create new.

Filipovich: _Zodiac: if you’re going to upgrade CentOS, go for C7.

Diles: Filipovich: figured, is it realy much betterfaster as 5?

Jaskolski: Ok so build it like a normal navigation section but add the conditional to just apply to $something page, correct?

Filipovich: Or just create a shortcode, Maldito, that automagically generates the anchor links

Filipovich: And put that at the top of hte page

Filipovich: _Zodiac: it’s newer, more recent packages, etc.

Filipovich: But it is systemd, not initd, so there’s some small reeducation necessary

Bruemmer: Ok, that would be new to me, any chance you might know a tutorial that woudld explain something like that?

Filipovich: Maldito explain something like what?

Khanna: Shortcode that automagically generates the anchor links

Dankert: Filipovich: thank you for the info sir, as most of the times very usefull.

Filipovich: No, that’s code you’d have to write.

Filipovich: Maldito whether you do it as a menu or a simple list of links.

Vanstraten: Idiot mode. how do I make a var set in one method available in another

Chimilio: Anyone with php knowledge? need some help =

Veader: Circ-user-r9WQ2: What do you need help with?

Twohatchet: Is it possible to make that badge at the bottom of the page https://autolotto.com/7 scroll as i do, in my browser i changed position to fixed and z-index to an insanely high amount but coudlnt see it

Dumpson: Is it because of another element on the page like a wrapper conflict?

Sorlie: How do i p*** php post variables to javascript? i registered query vars, but when to call localize script? on wp_enqueue_scripts, its to early, init seems too late

Zorra: Cliffer i generally do something like meta name=”some_var” content=”?php echo json_encode$_POST’some_var’ ?”

Firenze: Cliffer then in your javascript you can do JSON.p****do***ent.querySelector’metaname=”some_var”‘.getAttribute’content’;

Midy: I already have some localized scripts, so i want to add it there since i think it is the right palce

Sylve: I don’t know what you mean

Bussa: You can p*** an array to this function: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/wp_localize_script

Morado: So the array is accesable in js

Eames: So the main problem is, that get_query_var is empty

Scivally: Hey guys, got a problem thats causing me greif right now, was working on a local website and my VM had a hard crash, I was able to recover the .frm files from the backup I had, tossed them back into the correct folder, gave proper permissions but when I load my website WordPress it wants to install it again, I loaded up phpmyadmin and it’s showing all the tables as “In Use” any ideas?

Courchine: CavemanSean do you want to just restart the db or do you need the data on there ?

Kundanani: I’d LIKE the data from there, I have over 30 hours of pulling content from my old website and reorginizing it

Roberta: Hmmm, I just tried running mysqlcheck and it tells me it can’t find the frm files, yet. I can physically see them & when I remvoe them the table is gone D=

Heschke: I can’t diagnose the current state of your db

Southmayd: But i can help you reset if you need

Cashing: CavemanSean are you on a mac ?

Milito: Windows, but my server is a CentOS VM

Massengale: You could also make a dump of whatever data is there, reinstall wordpress on a fresh db, then try to migrate data from the old tables over to the fresh ones

Niehoff: Hi. I am having a lot of problem in trying to import a database. The import seems to work, but the site act as though it’s a new site, with the options to name the site and so on.

Chriss: I can see the tables, but it’s though the database is empty

Savaria: Because you need to create an *empty* db container to import into

Kiefel: Opsec: I did create new database of the correct name. I can see the tables once imported.