Opsec here is the old menu.

Dunnaway: Opsec, should have been called yoursql

Dunnaway: So you should. Because storing binary data in a sql table iz cool.rite? ;-

Lokan: This guy makes it in his mom’s basement with extra wires and electronics he finds in abandoned pikey camps

Dunnaway: Dcrsql -uroot -pnop***word image.png

Lokan: Dcr: brad pitt is a pikey.

Lokan: Nice, i just got a text from a client “interested in going to comic con” .

Gascho: I got this setup I need to create looking for a best solution, on a brochure site, I need a one login page, there are 2 logins/users Partner and Employee, depending the user the next page will show a bunch of links and/or videos. The content also needs to be protected so no one can directly access them, content might be shared between the users. Whats the best approach ?

Lafever: Opsec: i refuse to allow my clients to text me lol

Lokan: Scavotto: mine text me free stuff ;

Dyll: Opsec: lol. thats how it starts.

Lokan: Like comic con tickets.

Baird: VectorX: thats not a brochure page then.

Dunnaway: My daughter wants to go to comic con here

Lokan: Nah, i’ve had this guy as a client since 2010

Rayside: Comic con tickets aregrea.t. but the airfare is where it’s at

Dunnaway: I said I’d go, so long as I get to dress as Delboy

Lokan: Can you rent a reliant robin to show up in?

Lokan: Make sure it backfires too. for effect

Dunnaway: I can likely 3D print one

Lokan: Burning man is horrible.

Hufana: Ive never been. but the art looks incredibly awesome against the scenery

Lokan: I went like 15 years ago. dirty, filthy, stinking hippies everywhere.

Desouza: I dont care about music and hippy crap. I want to see the art.

Wheeley: Dirt doesnt bother me though

Lokan: Now it’s just a m***ive surveillance honeypot

Lokan: Fbi, cia all over it. they give high tech equipment to the LV PD

Lokan: That’s no secret anymore.

Mulneix: Yea well. i just want to go for the scenery and art

Schauman: Been craving wide open spaces lately

Lokan: I’m also not the best dealing with lice infested, unwashed hippies.

Nutter: Around here you can rarely see more than 1/2 mile at a time

Lokan: You can watch the live stream

Lokan: It’s dead now though. but next year!

Dekuyper: I wanna see it. at least once in my life

Doolan: Opsec: in firebug i was able to change the cl*** of the new menu to the old menu to make it appear the same, but then quickly got confused on how to implement it properly in the css. i think my confusion is because i added the new function of the menu to wordpress so am unsure how to make a new cl*** for that menu.

Lokan: I like looking at detail maps of the usa, the east coast is densely packed with streets, roads, highways, etc. the more west you go. the more spread out the roads get

Lokan: Moosejaw: you’ll have to show whatever code you’re dealing with

Oder: Yea the mix of population and general terrain makes it feel VERY claustrophobic

Lokan: Moosejaw: imagine you’re doing an operation, or whatever doctors do, and i said “hand me that slicey thing” ;

Barkalow: Scavotto i need to implement this on a brochure site which is what i mean, which just has a home,about and contact us page, and then i need to put this login thing in it

Bucey: I am new to WordPress. I have a plug-in that is enqueuing JQuery 1.4.7 on the jquery handle. How do I force a site-wide jquery version please?

Lokan: Scavotto: i lived in NJ for a while as a teen. so insane ;

Lokan: Go left if you want to go right.

Waiau: Opsec here is the old menu code to http://northwestadhesives.com http://pastebin.com/gHPx9XUs On the site you can see the new menu in the header im trying to style exactly like the old header.